Emmett Argyle
Portrayed by Ben Browder
Full Name Emmett Argyle
Age 33
Height 6'0"
Build Tall, athletic.
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions SHIELD
Occupation SHIELD Agent
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

He likes making things explode. He makes guns. He has a knack for alien tech, and is a good man to have around in a fight. He's a decent scientist, but around SHIELD, it's a bit like being the slowest kid in the gifted class.


Emmett 'Socks' Argyle is friendly, amiable and a good guy to have on your side in a fight. He works well as a team and is generally easy to get along with. He does enjoy making things explode more than the average person, and he has a knack for making alien tech play well with Earth tech. He's been an agent for approximately ten years.


Emmett Argyle was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to French Quarter restaurateurs. His childhood was mostly uneventful. His talent for mechanical engineering was nurtured by his parents. The restaurant was quite successful and turned a tidy profit. When he was fourteen, he was in a bad car accident and was injured quite severely. He had to undergo reconstructive surgery and was left with a rare blood disorder caused by transfusions. He also began to suffer migraines as a result of spinal injuries.

A bad string of luck only got worse. When Emmett was seventeen and away on a trip to Florida, his parents were killed in a kitchen fire. That left him an orphan, with a decent inheritance and a restaurant that was able to be salvaged. He moved to Seattle to attend school for mechanical engineering at the University of Washington. The pain of visiting his hometown without his parents was too great. He refused to ever return there again.

Argyle's love of and affinity for guns and weaponry got him in trouble with SHIELD. Seems a 22-year-old with a shop full of modified weaponry (some of it with alien components) was something of a red flag. The weapons themselves were rather impressive (though illegal.) He hadn't done anything with the guns and hadn't hurt anyone, but he really shouldn't have had them. The agent who was investigating his case saw potential in the young man. He showed a great knack for integrating nonhuman tech into human systems, which is something SHIELD was interested in.

He was recruited, and showed a knack for it right from the start. He picked up the physical training quite easily. He was a team player, followed orders and was generally easy to get along with. He received further field training and became a demolitions specialist. He also worked on weaponry as a secondary duty, and became the go-to man when they had a strange bauble they wanted to make work with their other toys.

Argyle's been a SHIELD agent for a little over ten years. He's distinguished himself in the field and has proven himself to be a man people can count on.

Character Details

Argyle is a pretty laid-back guy. He's not an intellectual, but that doesn't mean he's not intelligent. He likes the simple things - a cold beer, a hockey game and the smell of plastique in the morning. He keeps a cool head on the job, but he isn't cold. He acknowledges the human element but never seems to doubt the necessity of their work. If killing phases him, he does a good job of hiding it. He's also got a reputation as one of SHIELD's worst interrogators. His codename is Socks. He used to have a much cooler codename, but no one ever used it.


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There is more to his background than this, and a few more advantages/disadvantages. If you'd really like to know the details, give me a shout!

Character Gallery


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