Portrayed by Amber Heard
Full Name Amora, the Enchantress
Age 24 (3000)
Height 6'3"
Build Feminine
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Factions Asgardians
Occupation Immortal Sorceress
Alignment Neutral (will change over time in RP)

Claim to Fame

None, just yet.


Amora is reputed to be a sorceress of no small talent.


No one is certain where Amora came from; born to parents unknown to the Asgardians, she suddenly appeared one day, requesting to be a part of the court. She struck up quite a rapport with those who attended regularly including some of its younger members.

It was about the time of her appearance that she started to study magic, learning from some of the best. It was not long before Amora soon became known as one of the better sorceresses in Asgard. She honed her powers over many hundreds of years.

Recently, Amora has taken a deeper notice of Midgard and its people. She started to spend her time between the two realms, learning about Earth and the mortals who live upon it even as she often returned home.

Character Details

Vain, single-minded, stubborn, fiercely loyal, seducer.


Image Name Relation Notes
thumbnail.jpg Thor Complicated Thor has proven to be a steadfast, loyal friend throughout the ages. Amora finds herself growing more and more attracted to the charismatic Thunder God although where such attraction may lead is unknown as is if the attraction is mutual or not.
thumbnail.jpg Loki Friend or Foe? Loki is someone she has yet to figure out, fully. He seems to be an ally but with how Sif and Thor often react to his actions, Amora has to wonder if he's a man who should be kept close as a friend or at arm's length as a potential adversary.
thumbnail.jpg Sif ? Amora was recently told by Thor that Sif respects her but she's not so certain such is the case. With as many eons that have passed since the two met, the Shieldmaiden is still pretty much an unknown factor to the sorceress.


Right now Amora is more neutral in alignment. Any alignment shift will be done via the course of RP. Likewise, her crush on Thor will also be allowed to be developed over time instead of being something harbored now and she currently does not have her 'enchanted kiss'.

Character Gallery


Head vs. Heart
March 23, 2014: Thor comes to realize that sometimes logic and desire don't always mesh.
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The Lesson Continues
March 20, 2014: The lesson on heroism continues: Thor and Amora help a woman and get an assist by Spider-Man.
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What Does It Mean?
March 18, 2014: Thor gives Amora a lesson on what it means to be a hero per her request
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The Midtown Obfuscate
March 9, 2014: A number of heroes respond to word of a gang war. Things aren't what they seem.
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Parking Garage Problems
March 2, 2014: What starts as a simple break and enter to a car becomes a gathering point for heroes.
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Apologies and Company
March 02, 2014: Thor and Amora talk after their ruined evening in Midgard.
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