Portrayed by Naya Rivera
Full Name Angela Spica
Age 26
Height 5'-7"
Build Slim
Eyes Brown/Silver
Hair Black/Silver
Factions TBD
Occupation Hacker
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Child prodigy.


In Academic circles, Anglea Spica is fairly widely known. A child prodigy she's got degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Biology. And those are just her Masters degrees. She is extensively published in journals that deal with the interface of man and machine but has oddly gone quiet in the last few years.

Hackers know her a Panopticon, a handle she picked as a child. Given that your Name is who you are in virtual circles, she's kept it. She's an 'ethical hacker', which means she's not responsible for any big viruses or breaking into government computers. Instead she's known for telling companies about vulnerabilities to their systems and helping to counter the spread of malicious code.

As a hero, Engineer is still mostly an unknown and involved in 'street level' crimes as she helps out those she runs across in need.


Angie's background is pure blue-collar. Her mom worked in a launderette and her dad drove a bus for the city. The youngest of seven kids living in Queens, money was always tight but happiness was never in short supply.

Some children are 'bright'. Angie was much more than that. At an age where most kids were still playing with dolls and trucks and other toys, Angie was building circuit boards and writing apps. With the help of a supportive family, her incredible intellect was able to be nurtured and she went to University on a full scholarship.

While there, she made friends with another equally bright student whose gift was in nanotechnology. When he was killed, he had a fail-safe in place that dumped all of his notes onto Angie's personal computer. Working from those notes and combining it with her own study of human-machine fusion, Angie was able to distill these intelligent devices into liquid machinery with which she replaced her blood.

Character Details

As a child, Angie was obsessed with superheroes. While other little girls wanted to be princesses, Angie wanted to be out there saving people. Because for her, that's what being a hero is about. The good you can do for others, not beating up the badguys. That's always at the forefront of her mind: How can her actions best help those that need it most.

Somehow Angie has escaped the jaded apathy that creeps over so many in today's world. She has a love of life that's infectious. She sees the good, and the beautiful in things. She loves and she trusts and she will gladly take others by the hand to help them remember how, even if she's been hurt herself.

Despite people being so important to her, Angie often has trouble relating to them. Part of it is that, well, she's a genius and intellectuals often have trouble connecting with people but especially with the introduction of the nanites to her system she relates so much more easily to machines. They don't get happy, they don't get sad, they just run programs.


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