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Full Name Leonard Fiasco
Age 35
Height 6"4'
Build Tall and Thin
Eyes Green
Hair Bald
Factions N/A
Occupation Cleaner
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

One of the best men in the cleanup business.


When the mid and low level criminals need someone to make witnesses and evidence vanish before a trial the Eraser is the one they call. He's able to sweep a whole place clean in less then a day, for only twenty percent of the take. No one knows what he really looks like, because every one says he looks different then the last person who hired him.


From a young age Lenny was obsessed with perfection. He would carry sometimes as many as twenty erasers on him for a test, to make sure his answer looked just right. Oftentimes he would fail a test not for having the wrong answers, but for simply taking far too much time erasing and rewriting them down. He didn't have vary many friends growing up, and his home life was abusive but he made it from one day to the next thanks to Celia Smith.

Things only got worse in collage, where he was hazed, pranked, ridiculed and shoved around by just about everyone. His only solace was that Celia was there with him. He loved her more then anything else in life, and when it finally came time for the big ice carnival Lenny planned to propose to her. Instead she went with Bruce Wayne the man who had everything.

He was devastated, almost dropping completely from school for the shame of it all, but in the end Bruce left her, and the two married. Despite getting a job for the Gothem city police department as a forensics specialist, and getting the girl of his dreams Lenny constantly felt like he was second best, the laughing stock of the department. When he was diagnosed with cancer, and the bills started to flow in he realized that his wages wouldn't be enough and started 'losing' evidence for a fee, just to pay for his treatments. Celia started to drift away from him, falling ill herself, and so Lenny hid more evidence, took bigger payoffs.

Eventually it all went south, when Batman caught hold of a high level member of the mafia, who rolled over on Lenny. He told batman everything about Lenny's little side business, and though no evidence ever showed up other then the testimonial of a single mob man commissioner Gordan fired him from the force. Lenny turned to hard drinking, and pushed his wife even further away, devastated that her husband would do something like that, even for the both of them. Without the strength to carry on, she let her illness take her, giving Lenny everything he needed to pull through Anger, hatred, a need for revenge.

Knowing he'd lost everything, Lenny turned to the only thing he had left, his cleanup business. He got in good with the criminals, and adapted a new name for himself, a new face for himself. He was going to get all of the money he could so that he could eventually strike back against the man who had caused it all. Bruce Wayne, and by a strange leap of logic anyone else rich enough to callously destroy lives.

Character Details

Lenny is obsessive compulsive, and fully focused on his plans of revenge. He has psychopathic and socio'pathic elements of his personality, and feelings of being better then those around him.


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