Etrigan the Demon
Etrigan the Demon
Portrayed by Jason Issacs
Full Name Jason Blood
Age 38 (1800ish)
Height 6'0"/7'0"
Build Lean/Muscled
Eyes Green/Red
Hair Red & White/None
Factions None
Occupation Antiquities Dealer/Demonologist
Alignment Hero/Villain

Claim to Fame

Jailor of the Demon/The Demon


Jason is a well respected and successful dealer of antiquities based out of Gotham City. He's a bit of a recluse, known for making few if any public appearances. To the public he's just one more eccentric multi-millionaire living in Gotham.

To those in the Know however, Jason is the living prison for one of the most powerful demons the world has ever known. He is a magician of skill, an expert in all things demonic, and he fights to the best of his ability to keep the Gates of Hell closed.

Etrigan is another matter entirely. He is a demon of vast power who's unique ability to send even the holy and innocent to hell fills learned men with fear. He is a primordial evil and powerful enough to do battle with archangels.

That said, there are rumors and reports going back over a millennia of him siding with innocent people, saving them, holding the line against the spread of great evil like Mordru or Morgan Le Fey. His motivations are a bit suspect, but his actions have saved thousands of lives. It leads one to question precisely how evil he is… Of course, with Etrigan that seed of doubt may have been the point all along.


Jason Norwich was an orphan boy born under portents of a great destiny. And then he became a scribe. A man of letters who wrote was he was told as much as he was told, all for Merlin the Magician. Merlin was cruel and spiteful, and his treatment of Jason caused the boy to grow angry in his own right, a burning in him he found difficult to control. Then Camelot came under attack and making a deal with his father Lucifer, Merlin took one of the most powerful demons from hell and enslaved him in defense of Merlin's beloved city. The city fell anyway. Realizing he lacked the strength to send the demon back and worried about what it would do were the spells that controlled it broken, he summoned his personal scribe Jason to his tower and there bound the soul of a man to the essence of a demon. Then Merlin vanished.

In the centuries that followed Jason grew from a whiny self obsessed weakling into a man of purpose and destiny. When he began, he called the demon to this world every time he was threatened, expecting it's strength and ferocity to protect him, but as time passed an the demon's betrayals of him grew more consistent, Jason made a different choice. Now he is a man of unwavering principles, of iron will and perfect control. In him are sealed the Gates to Hell and he will keep them closed until such time as the need for might is greater then the risk of releasing it. Rare as such a thing is.

Etrigan was born a demon, unique among his kind for this, Etrigan has never been angel or animal or man, only always a demon. A Prince among his kind he possesses gifts no other being does, gifts that give him status that at time has rivaled even that of his Lord Lucifer. It was because of this threat and his boredom that Lucifer allowed Merlin to take Etrigan to Earth in the first place.

Etrigan has spent centuries at the beck and call of Jason Blood, while not on Earth he advances his affairs in Hell, and when he does make his short trips to Earth he can be counted on to do one thing most of all. That which amuses him. Sadly, trying to track what may or may not amuse a Demon Prince is a fools game. Mostly he kills everyone Jason loves, destroys what he holds dear, but from time to time he can be a hero. Just to mess with everyone.

Character Details

Jason o' the Blood began his life as an orphan with a 'destiny', then he became Merlin's scribe. Things got worse from there. Over the centuries Jason's soul has been tethered to that of Etrigan the Demon. When he began his journey he was a weak willed, simpering thing of a man. Years of torture as given by Vandal Savage and over night stays in Hell took the poor iron of Jason's will and forged from it a thing of unbreakable steel. This will is all that keeps him from being entirely consumed by the evil he contains. Jason is a dark man of dark places and darker things, and they cling to him. He is unyeilding, unmoving, forboding, and all around unpleasent more often then not. But beneath that all he is a good man, a man who keeps trapped inside himself the Gates of Hell, and for the most part, manages to keep them contained.

Having neither been man nor angel nor any other thing, Etrigan is unique among the denizens of Hell. This makes him ambicious, fearless, daring, depraved, and terrifying. Not even Lucifer fully understands his favorite play thing, and has often suffered for his lack of understanding. Etrigan is an enigma of pain and hate, he embodies all of Hell's things… And yet. And yet his time bonded to Jason has tainted him as well. As his evil nature taints a good man's soul, so to does a good man's soul begin to work upon even this most evil of creatures.


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nopic-m.png Rune Ally? Witch/Fae half breed, both bad news in my life. They were right about friends and enemies, keep them close.


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