Portrayed by Ellen Page
Full Name Evelyn Wolstenheim
Age 23
Height 5'5"
Build Gamine, and coltish
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Factions Central Intelligence Agency
Occupation Agent
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Voted Most Likely To Be Unknown


Known through government agencies to be an android.


"There is no coming to consciousness without pain." - Carl Jung

Evelyn's history begins with an idea, Humanity+1 as forged by the philosopher Kristófer Richardsson. It was he, a transhumanist, who truly saw artificial life as the key to immortality and the next step to humanity's evolution. In America, a small company named "Sife Dynamics" received an angel grant with their proposal to pursue the technology to bring this theory to fruition.

Gordon Bretel led the research team of five behind Evelyn's initial development in 1986. Additional researchers were brought in by 1989 to begin working on what would be the first prototype2 body for Evelyn. On December 7th, 1991, Gordon and his team were finally prepared to compile their experimental data to make a new consciousness. Two women and one man were brought in, fitted with neural headsets which took a variety of data from their heads to populate the traits and provide genesis for Evelyn's consciousness. After nine hours and thirty-three minutes the experiment concluded and the finished neurotex3 was uploaded to Evelyn's prototype body. The moment that the neurotex began writing itself, when it was activated, was the moment that Evelyn gained both her consciousness and her soul. During this time, one of the woman donors for the neurodata suggested 'Evelyn4' for a name. It stuck.

As predicted, analysis of the newly created consciousness showed it to express normal infantile behaviour. The neuronetwork hadn't quite acclimated to its body and had low motor skills. To facilitate normal behaviour later on, the scientists acquiesced to the idea of putting Evelyn into a foster home. A few parents were vetted out of a pool of adults who had ideal resources, and fit the criteria for what the scientists had in mind. Arthur and Clara Middleton were selected based on Arthur's prior military career. For the most part, this was actually a pretty good arrangement. Arthur and Clara were paid for taking care of Evelyn, and Clara formed a mother-child bond with Evelyn fairly quickly.

After about five years, the program had been going rather smoothly. Evelyn was aware that she was different from normal people, but Clara reassured her that she was human, perhaps not in blood and bone, but in spirit and heart. In this time, Evelyn's neurotex infrastructure grew substantially as she learned. Her motor skills had developed and come quite a long ways. It wasn't long after this time that the nightmares started.

Unprovoked, Evelyn began facing reoccurring nightmares. In her dreams, the shadows would reach out from walls and objects, slowly pulling her apart. Understandably, she came to fear the dark for that's when the shadows were the strongest. The nightmares got so bad that often she would wake up screaming to nothing. This led to sleep deprivation, which was extremely detrimental to her functionality, given sleep was when a lot of the logical structures in her brain were tidied and optimized.

With the nightmares becoming more frequent, the foster parents turned back to the lab for help. Ultimately, they agreed that Evelyn would have to be returned to the lab to resume observation and monitoring. Also understandably, Evelyn didn't want to go back and leave her parents. She was not given a choice in the matter, and with resignation, her parents left her back at the laboratory for good. Given Evelyn's intelligence and sentience, she was given her own room, but she also had heavy schedule restrictions. Experiments testing Evelyn's motor skills and monitoring her dream cycles began, coupled with psychoanalysis sessions and professional therapy. For every week that Evelyn went along peacefully with all tests, she would get to choose a small item from a magazine or catalogue to have. It was also about this time that the United States CIA took an interest in Sife Industries, and offered to support them with funding in exchange for reports.

Evelyn spent a lot of time in her bedroom for the first years back in the lab. Regularly, she would ask for books from the library to read. The nightmares continued for quite a long time, usually dealing with rejection or something resulting in her death. One of the researchers would spend regular times to tutor Evelyn given her condition made it impossible for her to go to school. As the android grew older in human years, her prototype body began to show signs of stress and age. The limited computational capacity of her prototype was becoming limited with the size of her consciousness. When Evelyn turned 11, she received her current body.

After a year of testing, Sife Industries decided it was okay for Evelyn to leave the laboratory in short bursts with supervised permission. For the first time really, she was able to go to museums, libraries, coffee shops, and even the zoo. Initially, Evelyn was quite shy and didn't quite want to talk to people that she didn't know even when they addressed her. As time went on, the android slowly began to open up to strangers and even made a couple friends. Other researchers would occasionally ask their friends' families to come along and help supervise Evelyn as they often had children who were also around her age. Evelyn's style slowly began to change and went through a sort of 'emo' clothing phase like was popular for the time.

At the age of 16, Evelyn had gotten quite rebellious. Most of the time she was quite amicable, but she was tired of living in the lab. She was tired of not having any friends (though she did), or getting to be a 'normal' person despite looking so normal. As teenagers often are, she thought she could handle herself. Initially, she asked for permission to go to a concert some of her friends said they were going to be go to, but she was declined. She threw a temper tantrum, but it didn't change the answer and she was stuck.

The escape took quite a bit of planning. Already, Evelyn had saved up the cover charge in a little baggy of money she had hid in one of her stuffed animals. It was a bag composed of change from the various snacks and museum tickets she had saved. The first step was to unlock her bedroom door, she did this quite easily with a small cardstock slip of paper. Now out of her room, she had to slip out of the laboratory. Being quite late, this was fairly simple, there was just no going back now. Rounding a corner, she ran into a guard. Spooked, the guard said hello and asked where Walker5 was. Evelyn almost froze and gave up there, but the yearning to go out on her own was just a bit more than that. Replying, she said he needed the guard over by the supply closet. After walking the guard to the closet, Evelyn pushed him in while taking his radio and locked him in. That was it, she was free. Evelyn ran for the door and left the building, feeling just a bit of guilt about what she had just done, though it was overwhelmed by her excitement.

Taking the bus, Evelyn was already nearly to the concert by the time the lab was alerted to the fact that Evelyn had gone missing. She entered the concert, covering the charge for herself. The area was densely wooded, a kind of makeshift concert of about 10,000 people had gathered to listen to Mad Raiders play their music. Evelyn sought out her friends, but was unable to find them. A bit nervous but confident they would find her, she stayed near the back to wait for them while dancing to the music.

Unfortunately, it's a bit dangerous to be out at a concert alone as a chick, and eventually some unsavory fellows took an interest in her. For a bit she spoke to them, and she tried to play it cool, though the men just took it as a sign that she was interested back. Eventually they led Evelyn a bit away from the concert and in the woods they tried to sexually assault her. She fought back, frightened and scared, up to the point that she murdered one of her assaulters by breaking their neck. The other two ran in fear, and so did Evelyn. This wasn't what she had wanted. There's something fundamentally different about thinking of killing someone in self defense, and actually doing it. It was the first time she had even ever saw death, and it was her fault.

For several days she wandered the forest until she hit the city. She didn't sleep for any of those days, sometimes even crying for hours at a time as she reflected on what had happened. Evelyn honestly felt that she could not return to the laboratory. What had started as just wanting a little freedom cost her everything. When she finally reached the city, she went for the train station and tried to illegally board a train in the middle of the night. One of the trainyard bulls caught her and she was picked up by local police. It was about a week after the incident that Sife Industries found Evelyn at the police station and picked her up. It was a _nightmare_ trying to explain to the police that Evelyn was just an experiment or a patient, and there was so much paperwork.

After this Evelyn was not allowed to leave the building anymore. She was fit with a degrading tracking collar and reprimanded for what she had done. A few of the other researchers took more sympathy on her, she was now much more withdrawn, often crying and wanting to be left alone. Testing continued for a time, about another year before the CIA knocked on Sife's doors once again. It appeared that they had other deals with Sife, including the turnover of Evelyn to their special operations training program. Evelyn was furious, and outright refused to work for the military, still feeling the sting of her humanity being taken away by the collar. She felt like property, a pawn, nothing more than a tool. Unfortunately, she really didn't have any choice in the matter, it was that or be disassembled.

For the next year, Evelyn trained with the CIA to be one of their operatives. Initially, she was incredibly spiteful, but the intense physical activity, spars, and practical studying raised her mood quite a bit. The other operatives didn't quite like her, and at times tried to sabotage her to make her look back. This had the opposite intended effect, because all she did was push harder, and she really excelled. She left training with extremely high marks, and was immediately shipped out to her first campaign.

Over the next few years she would complete many campaigns for the CIA, being lied to in order to convince her that what she was doing was the best for the country.

Character Details

Evelyn is a fairly kind person, if you can get her out of her shell. A lot of her life revolves around the agencies she works with because they offer an impersonal level of protection between her and other people. She still yearns for human interaction however and will open up to most people who open up to her. She'll go out of her way to make sure people aren't harmed, even villains, though she does have a line and if crossed, though reservations tend to fade fairly quickly (only to be later replaced by guilt).


Image Name Relation Notes
nopic-m.png Arthur Middleton Foster Father Distinguished military career with the Navy, eventually left to pursue being a writer. Myopic, prefers solitude and silence, incredible history buff.
nopic-f.png Clara Middleton Foster Mother An incredibly caring person. Probably the closest thing to a mother Evelyn has ever had.
nopic-m.png Jack Thorne6 CIA Operative The first agent Evelyn met. He acquired her from her home lab, and was an instructor for her at the CIA.
nopic-m.png Kristófer Richardsson Philosopher Came up with the idea of Humanity+. A transhumanist. He was born in Iceland and eventually passed away in Germany Aug 3rd, 1992.
nopic-m.png Gorden Bretel Researcher With a double Ph.D in Neuroscience and electrical engineering, Gordon was and is an eminent doctor in the field of developmental psyche hardware and how the human brain operates on a logical and chemical scale. A very private person, he often spends his time working. His wife of eleven years died during a routine surgery.
nopic-m.png Carl Walker Researcher Will fill out soon.
nopic-m.png Joe Hirst Victim Evelyn's assaulter. Murdered by broken neck.
nopic-f.png Rose Muir Researcher One of the psychotherapists for Evelyn. PhD in Psychology with a specialization in child psychology.
nopic-m.png Darren Gray Researcher The founder of Sife Industries. Staunch transhumanist, he has lofty goals and is very grand. A little disconnected from reality and just very, very serious.


Sife Dynamics: The word Sife comes from the words 'Life Science' with the L switched with the S.[[/footnote]] was the originating facility for project MKABIOGENESIS. Its founder Darren Gray believed in the theory of Humanity+ Kristófer Richardsson, and firmly believed the vehicle to reach that theory's fruition would be technology and robotics.

Character Gallery


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