Portrayed by Karen Gillan
Full Name Caitlin Fairchild
Age 22
Height 6'5"
Build Tall, curvy and muscular
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Factions N/A
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

A 22-year-old woman who grew a foot and a half practically over night, gaining nearly a hundred pounds of muscle mass in the process. More a medical marvel than a celebrity.


Caitlin Fairchild is a bookworm, shy and given to frumpy clothing that masks her appearance. She is more than a little uncomfortable with her newly amazonian body.


Caitlin Fairchild is the child of Alex Fairchild, a military specialist who worked black ops in the 80s. She never knew her mother. When her father had to go underground he left Caitlin in the care of her aunt and uncle. Under their care she grew into an extraordinarily intelligent young woman, albeit rather shy. Her genius got her accepted to Princeton University with a fantastic academic scholarship.

After her junior year of college she was recruited into Project: Genesis, an experiment in activating the metagene of young people, under the guise of a government internship. Feeling ill one night she left her room and wandered the halls of the project to try to relax her stomach. She eventually found herself in a computer lab where a computer had been left connected to a database, and saw her father's name listed on the screen. When she attempted to explore the database she was attacked by a guard, who struck her in the head and turned back to disable the computer, thinking her unconscious.

She was not unconscious. Rather, the anger she felt at being attacked and at the realization that she had been lied to activated her metagene. She immediately grew over a foot and gained over a hundred pounds, most of it muscle, and retaliated against the guard with new Amazonian strength.

She escaped from the facility and fled back to Princeton, pretending nothing was wrong — though her classmates were shocked to find the mousy Caitlin suddenly standing over six feet tall. She deflected questions and tried to blend into the scenery without much luck.

Character Details

Caitlin Fairchild is a sweet, kind young woman who grew up plain and uninteresting to most of the people around her — which was just fine by her, given her wallflower nature. Her statuesque form doesn't sit well with her. It brings her unwanted attention. She spends much of her time in libraries, hiding away in the worlds of books and computers.

Caitlin has a firm sense of justice. She reads enough about the world around her to realize that there are horrible things going on, people being hurt, governments rampaging over the rights of their citizens. She does not believe she can do much on the large scale — even with her brutal strength, she is only one woman. But she knows she can stop the small scale injustices. While she does not often go out looking for trouble, she will step in if she sees people being hurt.

Along with her Amazonian form, Caitlin has gained a certain degree of rage from her metagene's activation. By and large this can be suppressed, but now and again she will snap, particularly if she is already frustrated or upset, and overreact violently. When this happens people get hurt and things get broken. She is always horrified when this happens, and tries to take action to avoid it occurring again.


Image Name Relation Notes
nopic-m.png Alex Fairchild Father Caitlin barely remembers her father, who left her in the care of her aunt and uncle when she was a child. As far as she knows, the man is dead.
Roxy1.jpg Roxanne Spaulding Sister Caitlin doesn't even realize she has a sister, let alone that it's Roxy Spaulding. She may remember the girl from her time at Project: Genesis — but then again, maybe not. She wasn't close to anybody there. That's kind of her thing.


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