Portrayed by Anthony Mackie
Full Name Sam Wilson
Age 26
Height 6'2"
Build Tall and athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions JL:A, Stark Industries
Occupation Ex-Air Force
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Veteran para-rescuer who was involved in experimental equipment testing


A trusted soldier and a talented flier.


When Sam Wilson was a child growing up in Harlem, his father was killed trying to stop a fight. Left to be raised by a struggling single mother, Sam was forced into petty crime to help her make ends meet. He resented that necessity, and when he turned 18, immediately enlisted with the Air Force to earn an honest living. Fortunately, his grades had always been solid and his visual acuity and hand-eye coordination were exceptional, so he excelled in testing and training. After bouncing from field to field a bit, he was eventually deployed to Iraq as a special forces paratrooper. He saw a lot of combat and experienced such loss that he sought a way out of active service. He found it as a test pilot in an experimental program that eventually produced the Exo-7 flight harness.

Now that his tour and the Falcon testing program have ended, Sam is back in New York, volunteering with other veterans and seeking some direction in his life.

Character Details

Approachable and friendly, but reserved about his personal history.


Justice League: Avengers
Cap-6.jpg Steve Rogers: Inevitable Wingman
Since he became a regular at Sam's veterans' support group, Steve and Sam have instinctively had each other's backs. They've been allies at SHIELD and drinking buddies on their off hours, and now they're joining the JL:A together.
JYwVYtR.jpg Kara Zor-El
Sam has always been a sucker for the superheroic classics, but he has to admit that with her ebullient personality, Kara's way more fun to have around than her sometimes-too-serious cousin.
Hawkeye.jpg Clint Barton
Working together on SHIELD operations around the world (and extermination jobs in Bed-Stuy), Clint and Sam have developed a strong working rapport. That translated into Sam's invitation to the JL:A, a life-changer if there's ever been one.
medium.jpg Kate Bishop
Kate's youth and ubringing make her the sort of person Sam usually tries to protect from the chaos of a warzone, yet she has earned her place on the front lines. He admires her confidence and skill.
Stark Industries
medium.jpg Tony Stark: Boss
Caught Sam flying around on a bunch of proprietary Stark technologies, and hired him for a hypothetical Stark medical division.
Gwyneth_Paltrow_Iron_Man_Wallpaper_cropped.jpg Pepper Potts: Boss's Boss
Given the sentence immediately to the left, that Pepper hasn't summarily fired Sam is a testament to her forbearance.
medium.jpg Howard Stark: Mister Roboto
Sam helped spring the LMD from the kitschy warehouse where he was being stored. Ever since they basically became coworkers, he's been trying to help Howard adjust to both the 21st century and the whole robot thing.
May2.jpg Melinda May: Professional Contact
Sam has acted as a freelance paramedic for May, and eventually sussed out that she's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Any work she needs him to take on, he'll happily complete.
medium.jpg Natasha Romanoff
Natasha may not be sure that she wants in on the JL:A, but Sam still considers her exactly the sort of person he wants at his back in a dangerous situation.
medium.jpg Bobbi Morse
Bobbi has made no secret of her irritation with certain people and global superhero initiatives important to Sam, but he's not the sort of guy who has to agree with someone to respect them.
973499-witchblade.jpg Sara Pezzini: Flight Student
Sara's magic armor came with wings, but not a manual. Fortunately, Sam knows a thing or two about wing suits.
696808-109689_114119_wonder_man_super.jpg Simon Williams
Sam knows two things about Simon: he's a good person to have at your back, and teasing him about being a reality TV star will never, ever get old.
Jeri%20small%202.jpg Jericho Trent
Trent helped Sam get his first pair of wings as a civilian. That's a favor that it'll take more than a few patched bullet holes to repay.
medium.jpg Lunair Weir
Lunair was the first person Sam helped out of a dangerous situation after leaving the service. He's a little protective of her.

Character Gallery

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Hydra Strike
March 8th, 2016: Kate is teaching Kara archery. Steve is relaxing in the area while Falcon checks out his suit. Booster and Ozymandias are flying through the area when HYDRA attacks under the orders of Zola!
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Bamfed Briefing
March 02, 2015: The JL:A prepares for their Russian Mission and is joined by an unexpected guest.
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Justice League: Avengers Assembled!
March 01, 2015: JL:A members do some bonding en-route to Russia while flying in javelins.
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Lockdown: Slaughter Swamp
February 28, 2015: S.H.I.E.L.D. attempts to discern the connection between Fracture and the Winter Soldier with a good ol' fashioned group interrogation; it doesn't go quite as planned.
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Sins of the Future #3: Deception
February 26th, 2016: Alex Summers heads to the outskirts of Gotham City after he receives a text from a stranger claiming to have information about his long lost brother; Scott. Spearhead and Falcon happen to be in the area on their own business and get drawn into a mysterious encounter, with Alex being the target. (Emits by Rachel)
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Joint Venture
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The Hall of Just Some People, Nobody Special, Why Do You Ask?
February 9, 2015: Falcon runs into Kara (almost literally) while getting used to the Javelin's controls, and tells her more than he should before he realizes she isn't in the JL:A loop.
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Wings and Weapons
February 7, 2015: Sam uses what medical knowledge he has of metahumans to try to figure out what's going on with Nyx
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Posh Digs
February 5, 2015: Two Hawks and a Falcon start moving their stuff into the JL:A crash pad in Metropolis.
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Kids in a candy store
January 31, 2015: Hawkeye brings Falcon up to the Watchtower. Very, very cool.
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An offer of assistance
January 30, 2015: Lunair runs into Sam in the park and they catch up on the drastic changes in each of their lives.
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A Beer at Chet's
January 30, 2015: Watchin' the game, havin a Bud. True.
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Pizza League Initiative
January 28, 2015: Some SHIELDies and an ally come together to talk about the forming of the Justice League.
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Hawaii Five-O'Clock Somewhere
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