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Full Name Charlie Cluster Seven (Jean-Philippe Charles)
Age 25
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Factions None
Occupation Adventurer & Thief
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Fantomex is quite famous in France and to a point in the EU. Rumors of his existence have been around for nearly a decade, and he moved from urban legend to the front pages of newspapers about four years ago. His stunts as a thief have even made it to the news in America a few times.


Thanks to Weapon Plus propaganda machine Fantomex was rumored to be one of the best thieves of the world before he escaped the World. So when he did, he just stepped into the virtual shoes and made his reputation a real thing. He has sometimes offered his services a thief-for-hire when an offer was interesting and the target supposedly unobtainable, although he is very wary of Weapon Plus traps. So far he has never failed, but a few times he has just (and unprofessionally) backed down in a contract because he found the employer too repugnant, or just lacking a sense of humor. So he has a reputation for having scruples as well as being eccentric.


There is a Weapon Plus lab near London called the World. An invisible complex where time is controlled and accelerated thanks to stolen super-technology. Living weapons are created there, super-soldiers to fight wars against super-humans.

Fantomex was one of those living weapons. Under accelerated time and for hundreds of thousand of year, countless generations of captive humans and mutants were submitted to experiments, genetic engineering and unnatural selection. The final result was the Cluster C (Cluster Charlie) of enhanced mutants. Subject 7 was the best of the lot, and given the identity of Fantomex.

Since the moment he was born, Charlie Cluster Seven and his siblings were subject to constant testing, training and brainwashing. By the time he was twenty, his cluster-siblings were dead or had been discarded, and he was given the Fantomex identity. Fantomex was going to be part of a public super-team of super-humans that would infiltrate the super-hero community and eliminate certain targets (mostly mutants) as for the Weapon Plus' masters agenda.

Fantomex cover would be that of a flamboyant, thrill-seeking thief-turned-hero. But Charlie Cluster Seven, despite all his conditioning, he knew he was a slave and craved freedom. He embraced the Fantomex facade and used it to rebuild his own personality, evading his programming and conditioning.

Like the fictitious hero-thief Fantomex would have done, Charlie Cluster Seven implemented his escape in a spectacular fashion, designed to humiliate his handlers and cause the maximum destruction. While Weapon Plus dealt with the disaster and scrambled desperately to do some damage control and prevent its existence from going public, Fantomex fled England for Paris, where he vanished for a time.

A few months later, after learning all he needed to learn about the real world, Fantomex began his real career. Impossible thefts, taunting letters to the police and newspapers and occasional acts of heroism and daring. Ironically, in preparation to reveal their super-team to the world, Weapon Plus had already spread rumors of the existence of the thief Fantomex to the European public, so all Charlie Cluster Seven had to do was to step into the role. And he loved the role.

But Weapon Plus wanted his assassin back, or dead. They sent agents against Fantomex, they offered rewards, and they hunted him, harassed him, and did everything possible to eliminate him short of nuking Paris. After a few years or endless chase, narrow escapes and some serious injuries, Fantomex has decided to leave Europe and seek fortune in America, and now maybe he will seek the very same people that he was created to kill and lead the fight back to Weapon Plus.

Character Details

Fantomex was conceived as a facade, a mask for Weapon XIII, the infiltrator-assassin super-soldier. But he embraced the facade to escape his assassin's role. In doing so, Fantomex broke his conditioning and became a free man.

And so Fantomex, the fool in white, is the flamboyant, thrill-seeking French thief with a heart of gold. Always annoying and sometimes amusing, he is a flirt and prone to stupid stunts just for the hell of it. This is much, much better (and more fun) than being a soulless murderer that obeys without questioning. Because Fantomex was created and programmed to be such a killer.

Or maybe… maybe Fantomex is just a murderer that feigns he is a thrill-seeking thief with a heart of gold. Now, this possibility is something that worries the man that now calls himself "Jean-Philippe Charles" very much.

The truth is somewhat in between. Fantomex is not a remorseless murderer, but he is still a killer, capable of performing acts of horrendous violence without flinching. He is no fool, but loves to play being one. He enjoys taking risks and confusing people, proud and serious people in particular, and he genuinely likes the finer things of life (and the most dangerous women). He is not an utterly selfless hero, but has some genuine altruistic leanings and will fight for a just cause.


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