Portrayed by Odette Annable
Full Name Aspen Matthews
Age 25
Height 5'-8"
Build Swimmer's
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Marine Scientist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Born to the Blue, raised as a human and secretly a child of the Black


Aspen is most well known for winning a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and breaking the world record by thirty seconds and then testing positive for 'blood doping' and having it taken away. She was disqualifed that year, banned from the next two Olympic games and disgraced her country.

Within her field, Aspen is a noted Marine Biologist with a specialty in propulsion.


  • Aspen is born to the Blue, an aquatic race of beings not knowing that her biological father was actually a Black, another more secretive aquatic race.
  • At age eleven, her parents are murdered. She and her brother flee. The ship they escape in explodes and her people presume her dead.
  • Aspen's powers activate, saving her life but her brother appears to have been killed. She ends up on a ship called Paradise with no memory of who she is and is adopted by Captain Matthews.
  • An exceptional swimmer, Aspen competes in the Olympics at age fifteen, winning the gold medal but drug testing showed signs of 'blood doping' and ended her career as a professional swimmer.
  • Aspen studies to be a marine biologist and is chosen to work on a classified project called Deep Marine Discovery, or DMD.

Character Details

Aspen is like a Timex. She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Despite having no memories before she was 11, being disgraced at the 2004 Olympics for something she didn't do, and growing up with her only family constantly away from home on assignment she keeps soldiering on. She is a woman of strong drives, great passion and incredible resilience.


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Character Gallery


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Echoes of Other Oceans
March 03 2015: Rowan drops by to visit Aspen and DMD. Namor does the same, at the same time.
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Deep Blue Sea: Learning to Swim
February 09 2015: Rowan makes good on his promise to teach Aspen about being Blue. Thiiiiiis could take a while.
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Aquatic Barrage Release! Curiosity
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