Felicity Smoak
Portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards
Full Name Felicity Meghan Smoak
Age 26
Height 5'6
Build Slender
Eyes Grey
Hair Blonde dye job
Factions None Yet
Occupation IT Security Specialist
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Former Hack-tavist. Possibly one of the few that got away clean and made a better life for herself.


Total nerd. Prone to geeking out at any moment. And never to stop talking about it.


Born to Donna Smoak in 1988, Felicity was a brainy child just like her father. She began to dabble in computers and tech at a very young age, even tested out a grade or two which made her a typical whizkid child prodigy. After her father left, her mother took to working 60 hours a week just to make ends meet and keep the small family out of water. Her job was made easier as Felicity excelled in school, only late blooming into a problem child when she hit college.

With a boyfriend, she joined a group of hackers who created civil protests and unrest by exposing information to the public that typically shouldn't be. When her boyfriend was arrested and later committed suicide in jail, she straightened her ways and became a star student as she was meant to be. Graduating from M.I.T, she went on out into the world to work for a large chain of companies as an IT Specialist and Executive Assistant where need be.

Character Details

Very quirky and loyal. Felicity has the ability to charm or the clear ability to get anyone to hate her because of her blabber which is as quick as her fingers upon a keyboard. She's also a very sweet girl, the only mean bone in her body is the brain, her brain, especially when it has to do with hurting an innocent person or doing something illegal. She's also ambitious, intelligent, hard working and technical savvy.


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