Fenris Wolf
Fenris Wolf
Portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch
Full Name Jeremiah Wolfson
Age 34 (Immortal)
Height 6'0"
Build Lean
Eyes Brown
Hair Muddy Brown
Factions None
Occupation Park Ranger (Currently)
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

In his current identity as Jeramiah Wolfson, he's simply known as a man who lives well, well below his means. And that's only if you know him. As the Fenris Wolf, however, he is the force of destruction that needs no introduction.


Among mortals Fenris has no reputation beyond that in his immediate circle and he likes it that way. He's occasionally known as someone to talk to when something strange has happened, but given his personality, only the truly desperate try that. Naturally to those who know who he really is, his reputation is quite literally legendary.


Monster. Legend. God. The Fenris Wolf is a creature of the apocalypse, a literal wolf at the door. It's simply who he was destined to be. Even monsters, however, can grow weary. After countless repetitions of the Ragnarok Cycle - a cycle of death and rebirth unique to the Aesir - Fenris tired of his role in the ongoing sagas of Asgard. The inevitable imprisonment, slow descent into madness and death in battle in a frenzy of bloodletting weighed more heavily on him each time. When at last he could take it no longer he did perhaps the last thing that anyone in Asgard expected: Taking advantage of the distraction of most of the gods around the time of the death of the elves, he slipped out one night and descended to Midgard leaving the Gleipnir in a neatly folded little pile.

At first he did the natural thing for a giant wolf: He fled into the wilderness. For a time he stayed there. The cycles of imprisonment and madness had taken quite a toll on his psyche and it was some time - some hundreds of years, in fact, before he could even think to do anything but hunt, eat and sleep. One gaint wolf in the wilderness went mostly unnoticed. Even a world such as Midgard is used to strange things in the hinterlands and for a time its people still very much believed in magic.

After a time Fenris grew lonesome. A wolf he may be, but the company of animals who happen to look like him, even if he did understand their 'speech' only went so far. In any case, the wilderness was shrinking as humanity expanded and he was starting to become concerned that other Asgardians might find him if they heard too many tales of 'giant wolves in the wilderness.' His relationship with his fellows was complex and not one he was willing to bet upon being friendly. So he adopted a human form and wanded into the nearest norse village.

Being human is harder than it looks, but despite some early missteps he eventually learned how to blend in. As the vikings spread from their icy homes in the 4th and 5th centuries AD, Fenris went with them. As the years rolled on he lived many lives, some nearly heroic, some mundane. He learned how to read human writing, how to work in human trades, how to fight and live and laugh alongside them. But he never became one of them. The predator and hunter can only change himself so much, and so Fenris stayed on the periphery of human events as he moved about the world, ever the warrior or counselor, never the chief.

Fenris learned other things as well. Midgard, he found, is no less a magical place than Asgard, but the magic is hidden and out of sight. What's an immortal to do with all the time he has? In Fenris case, learn everything he could about the workings of the unseen. For centuries he hunted down every tome, every secret, ever oddity he could. He devoured knowledge as he had previously devoured prey. Sometimes he was even able to put these things to use, frequently in the service of remaining hidden from prying eyes and sometimes in the service of those communities he lived in. Wolfish territoriality was never something he could wholly suppress and the odd supernatural creature plaguing the more isolated towns he favored would sometimes find itself on the receiving end of the wrath of a frighteningly knowledgeable, powerful and aggressive protector, sometimes a man, sometimes a wolf, sometimes a combination of the two.

The discovery of the new world in the late 15th century opened up new possibilities for a lot of people, Fenris among them. Travelling to America with the Spanish he vanished into the pristine wilderness once more, delving into the continents secrets and appearing occasionally to the natives when it suited his whims - sometimes as a man, sometimes as a wolf. The establishment of the United States went nearly unnoticed by him, but the nation's meteoric expansion westward certainly got his attention. Intrigued by the boldness of these new people pushing into the untamed wilds, he returned to his habit of living on the edges of their society. He became the mountain man in the woods, the homesteader at the edge of town, and the itinerant fur trader. After the Civil War, he lived for a time as a bounty hunter and gun fighter, one known to occasionally just show up and solve problems of the 'weird' variety.

It was the World Wars that really brought him into human society. There was no escaping them really and the destructive power that mankind unleashed upon itself at once both fascinated and frightened Fenris. He operated as an independent agent on behalf of the allies in France both in 1914-1918 and in the 1940's. When he returned to the US, rather than vanishing back into the hinterlands, he settled in the metro areas for the first time, watching humanity closer and realizing now that as humans proliferated here was a better place to hide from his fellows than ever before. Still, he remained a relative recluse, interacting with few on a regular basis and always on his own terms.

In the 1970's he relocated to New York City and began to settle in for what he thought would be a long period of moving among the masses of the US's most populous urban area. And so he did, for a time.

Recently however, the stirrings of events great and terrible have made themselves felt across the world, from the rise of Atlantis and Themyscria to the return of the Lords of the Aesir to the rise in prominence of the mutant and the metahuman. This has brought the Fenris Wolf - in his latest guise of Jeremiah Wolfson, Park Ranger - back out of the shadows. What is happening on Midgard even he cannot say for sure, but he senses that his time in hiding may be at an end for better or for worse.

Character Details

Fenris is a cultured, intelligent, sympathetic predator. He’s a study in opposites, wealthy beyond any need to work, but driven to hold a job for hatred of idleness. He’s gruff and uncaring with humanity at large, but surprisingly gentle with individuals who hold his interest. Those who understand canine behavior patterns might compare him to an alpha dog, never knowing how close to the mark they’ve really come.


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Log Entries

Fussy Gus
April 1, 2015: Partisan invites May, Fenris and Zee to go flying. Who would have thought the Mistress of Magic doesn't like flying.
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Wizardly Catchup
March 24, 2015: Constantines return has Fenris organising a meet with some friends
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Master of The City
March 23, 2015: Fenris seeks out Nighteyes, who was looking for him…
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Buck Hunting
March 22, 2015: The Invaders and friends go after one of their own. It doesn't work out how they expect. * NOTE: This scene will be pushed forward in the timeline to help it be congruent with Peggy and Howard's World On Fire plot
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Jotuns and Giants
March 21, 2015: When Jotuns and Hecatonchires appear, who do you expect to fight it?
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Primal Force: Indian Demons
March 21, 2015: Fenris introduces some of the Primal Force team members
(log: 20150321-indiandemons | tags: coyote fenris primal_force witchblade zatanna | posted: 26 Mar 2015 19:49)

Primal Force: Fighting The Storm
March 20, 2015: A magical disturbance that effects the weather. Fenris calls on Primal Force and few extras turn up.
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Primal Force: Cyclops Goes Primal
March 20, 2015: Cyclops and Gambit are introduced to other members of the Primal Force team… Cyclops might go missing
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About That Bonding
March 19, 2015: Zee catches up with Fenris
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Primal Forces: Knight of the Balance
March 15 2015: Fenris hunts a trio of mistfiends only to be hunted himself. Fortunately the Witchblade is at hand.
(log: 20150315-primal-forces:knight-of-the-balance | tags: fenris primal_force witchblade | posted: 18 Mar 2015 12:17)

Justice League:Avengers GO!
March 15th, 2015: Hawkeye and Wonder Woman the leaders of the Justice League: Avengers Initiative call a public ceremony at the Hall of Justice in Metropolis to make announcements to the world and to introduce the newest roster of members in the team: Booster Gold, Hawkgirl, Hawkeye_II, Captain America, Falcon, Ozymandias & Supergirl. Many others are present and new recruits are welcomed.
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Don't Go Ape
March 15th, 2015: A magical disturbance at Starrware Labs owned by Karen Starr aka Power Girl is investigated by Fenris, Supergirl, Booster Gold, Zatanna and Misfit! Involves talking monkeys and a Leprechaun!
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March 14 2015: Fenris gives Misfit a basic lesson in enchanting.
(log: 20150314-enchanted | tags: fenris misfit | posted: 16 Mar 2015 03:22)

Temporal Mechanics with the JLA
March 13, 2015: Kara invites people to the Lakehouse for a get together
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Primal Forces: Cyclops' Twelve
March 13 2015: The X-Men move to recover some dangerous artifacts from a HYDRA supporter. Oceans Eleven turns into Immortals pretty damn fast.
(log: 20150313-cyclops-twelve | tags: cyclops fenris gambit primal_force | posted: 16 Mar 2015 03:46)

Primal Forces: Blood and Sacrifice
March 13, 2015: Blood Sacrifices in the park
(log: 20150313-bloodandsacrifice | tags: coyote fenris primal_force zatanna | posted: 14 Mar 2015 11:31)

Primal Forces: SHIELD of Magic
March 09 2015: Fenris decides to ask a warrior to be a guardian of the world's magic.
(log: 20150309-primal-forces:shield-of-magic | tags: fenris primal_force the_cavalry | posted: 11 Mar 2015 10:59)

Primal Forces: Protect this World
March 08 2015: Fenris stops by at a friend's invitation to catch up and make an offer.
(log: 20150308-primal-forces:protect-this-world | tags: fenris primal_force supergirl | posted: 11 Mar 2015 11:17)

Primal Forces: Parkside Meeting
March 08 2015: Fenris calls three Ley Guardians together for a meet and greet and a bit of practice.
(log: 20150308-primal-forces:parkside-meeting | tags: coyote fenris primal_force supergirl zatanna | posted: 11 Mar 2015 11:08)

Monkey Business
March 08th, 2016: Kara invites a group of her friends for coffee when they are joined by a strange alleycat (Streaky the Supercat) and then attacked by Gorilla Grodd and an army of weaponized animals.
(log: 20150308-monkey-business | tags: booster_gold changeling cyborg fenris hawkeye_ii rain supergirl vorpal zatanna | posted: 08 Mar 2015 19:23)

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