Portrayed by n/a
Full Name Project Z5m
Age 38
Height 6'5"
Build Solid and Rangy
Eyes Filmy White
Hair Greying Brown
Factions none
Occupation Mercenary
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

A brutally efficient mercenary in relatively high-tech armor.


Fiver is a high-end mercenary who takes on jobs for any group or person willing to pay his exorbitant fee. He has been known to take assassinations, kidnappings, terror strikes, and counter terrorism operations. he has even been spotted acting as body guard to the extremely wealthy and equally paranoid members of society.


A loving family man? Only child? Lover of spaghetti westerns? Fiver can remember nothing about his past. Only his military service, from his time in the Marines, to his years spent in spec ops, and finally to his death as a black operative. He should be gone, but he isn't.

AIM bought his body to use in Project Z. The focus of this special project was the attempted reanimation of experienced veteran operatives. The virus used was designed to bring them back as super soldiers, and was brilliant in its simplicity. if most of their super soldiers tended to blow up or die when transformed. Why not take an already dead soldier, transform it, then bring it back to life?

Project Z5m was the fifth such soldier brought back from the dead, but during his reanimation the base came under attack by the Avengers and all AIM personnel evacuated. Fiver awoke to an empty base, terrible hunger, and no idea who or what he was. His brain was partially wiped in preparation for obedience programming, but the programs hadn't yet been forced on him. This left him with a somewhat empty mind, but his free will still in tact.

He has had time to come to terms with his lack of personal memories. Reading the files on what he is, and some experimentation, has helped him find his limitations. With no memories of friends, and no one to fall back on, he has bedded down in his birth place and now hires himself out as a mercenary to those who can afford him.

Character Details

Gruff, wry, Jaded, and doomed to burn in hell. Fiver has seen a lot in his day, and had most of the good parts scrubbed out of his mind. But despite that, some core part of him is still fighting to be human. He doesn't often mope about his woes, and is more likely to take a long drink of something alcoholic before blowing off steam doing something illegal and potentially stupid. His many years of hard experience have drilled caution into him, but his nature is one of action and mild understated humor. So, when on the job he is a hard nosed professional. But alone, with no one but himself to amuse him, he's likely to spend the night bowling with grenades or seeing how much horse tranquilizer a mutant rat can shrug off before passing out. It's better than thinking about his missing past.


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