Portrayed by Grant Gustin
Full Name Bartholomew Henry Allen
Age 28
Height 5'10"
Build Thin
Eyes Blue
Hair Chestnut
Factions None
Occupation Forensic Scientist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The Fastest Man Alive!


As the Flash, he is known as a lighthearted, hero who works tirelessly for the people of Central City. As Barry, his friends think he's sort of a lovable geek who is quick with a smile.


My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive.

My story starts off in Iowa, but nothing really interesting about me happened there, so let's just fast forward to my time in Central City, Missouri. We moved there when I was pretty young. My dad had gotten a job at a local hospital and I remember thinking that we were moving to the biggest house I'd ever seen. I suppose some people would call it idyllic, but when you're a kid you never really think about those sorts of things until something bad happens.

My world crumbled when I was 11. I came downstairs in the middle of the night to see my mother being attacked by a ball of yellow light. Though police and psychiatrists would later discount this, I swear I saw a man /inside/ the ball of lightning. My mother died from the attack.

Worse, because of a lack of evidence, the police went with the easiest choice possible and blamed my father. Wrongfully accused, and wrongfully convicted, my father wrongfully sits in Iron Heights as we speak, wasting away the life that was taken from him.

I was taken in by my best friend's family and her father finished the job in raising me that my father and mother started. I wanted to get into law enforcement, just like Joe, and use those skills to prove my father's innocence. In school, I loved science, so I figured becoming a forensic scientist was the best of all worlds.

I went to CCU and got my degree in organic chem with a minor in criminology. I'd hoped I could stay in the area, and was lucky enough to get a job with Central City PD. I guess they all knew me pretty well from tagging along with Joe. In any event, I had my dream job and used a lot of my free time on the case that meant the most to me.

Three years into my career, an accident happened that would forever change my life. At STAR Labs downtown, a particle accelerator exploded, sending a shockwave throughout the city. I was electrocuted by a lightning bolt that fried both me and all of my equipment.

When I woke, I found that I had been in a coma for almost 9 months. The scientists at STAR had taken me in and observed me. Luckily, their high tech equipment was able to keep me alive. As I re-ingratiated myself into my life with my friends and family, I started to notice that strange things were happening with my body. Routinely, my heart rate would start to flutter. The world seemed like it was slowing down all around me. At times I found I could move incredibly quickly.

I worked closely with the scientists at STAR and we found that whatever happened to me that night imbued me with powers of superspeed. In time, we decided that we could use these powers to help make the world a better place and to help protect the people of Central City.

Soon after, I became known as the Flash. You've probably heard of me. We're still out there every day trying to make the city and the world a better place, and I'm still trying to prove that my dad didn't kill my mom. So if you see me truckin' by at 700 miles an hour, be sure to wave hello. I might be in a hurry, and you'll have to look quick, but I'll be wavin' back.

Character Details

If you asked most people who know Barry what he was like, you'd get a lot of different, albeit consistent, answers. Barry is often very slow (he'd say methodical) and almost always late. He's good natured and always seems to have a smile on his face. Those who know him well know that he's got a fierce nerd-side. Barry is a big fan of all things-sciency and spends time outside of his job to read about the latest advances in technology. Barry also has a large comic book collection.


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Juice.jpg Wally West Protege The Flash

New Player as of November 2, 2014

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