Vice Pres. Fred Upton
Vice President of the United States
Portrayed by Terry O'Quinn
Full Name Frederick William Upton
Age 62
Height 5'9"
Build Normal
Eyes Blue
Hair Bald
Factions Progressive Party (South Carolina)
Occupation Vice President
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

As Vice President, Upton serves as the President of the Senate and is the next in line for the Presidency. He serves as a trusted adviser to President Pershing.


A beloved war hero who is thought of more as a statesman than a pragmatic politician.


Upton served as Secretary of State under former President Abbott and his military service in the Marine Corps is well respected among both the government and the electorate. He was chosen not just because of his experience in foreign affairs, but because of his ability to draw in southern voters and his wise counsel. It is widely felt that the Vice Presidency will be Upton's final office, since it is unlikely he would run against Pershing. A potential White House run in 2020 would come at age 68.

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