Portrayed by Gaspard Ulliel
Full Name Remy Etienne LeBeau
Age 27
Height 6'2"
Build Lean, well-built
Eyes Black /w Red Pupils
Hair Brown
Factions X-Men, Marauders (formerly), Thieves' Guild (formerly)
Occupation Thief
Alignment Hero to Neutral

Claim to Fame Kongos - Come With Me Now (theme song)
The kinetic energy manipulating charming master thief and adventurer turned X-Men.


Gambit isn't known by the public. Officials may or may not have him on record depending on where he is and what he's done to earn recognition there. Amongst the underworld element Gambit is a reputable thief of great renown who can get in to and out of almost anything.


*Born in or around New Orleans and abandoned in a hospital Remy's distinctive eyes caught attention of the Antiquary. A local boogeyman and shadowy figure of the Louisiana Underground.
*Prophesized to be the "Diable Blanc" by superstitious Guild members and the Antiquary himself it was arranged for the young mutant to be kidnapped and placed under the watchful eyes of the Thieves Guild.
*So begins a street urchin upbringing amongst a band of children-thieves called Fagan's Mob.
*Remy meets a young Assassin named Belladonna, daughter of Marius Boudreax, leader of the Assassins Guild.
*Remy steals from Jean-Luc LeBeau, the leader of the Thieves Guild and soon become indoctrinated in as a junior member himself, getting adopted by LeBeau as his own son.
Mutant powers begin to manifest.
*A failed pinch results in the death of his cousin, Etienne Marceaux. Remy meets the immortal Candra for the first time. Also the first time Remy would use a playing card as a weapon.
*First contact with a mysterious benefactor. A failed job that involved Weapon X.
*Tracts of Passage: Transpiring events result in the death of a "fling" at the hands of Sabertooth. A choice he had to make between her life and his adopted brother Henri LeBeau.
*In an arranged ceremony to unify the Guilds Remy marries Belladonna. On this day he duels Julien Boudreax, his wife's brother. Remy lives, Julien doesn't. A judgment between the two guilds is passed and Remy is banished becoming an exile.
*Remy's solo career begins as a thief, mercenary and bounty hunter. His travels take him from the U.S., all over Europe, Japan and even Madripoor. He eventually ends up spending time in a South American prison and develops a rap sheet with INTERPOL.
*During this nomadic period Gambit's powers become unstable and he is introduced once again to a "friend", a genetics expert and scientist, the man who would "help" him.
*Becoming his new employer's own personal thief he picks up work again for the evil scientist and even joins the Marauders.
*The Morlock Massacre takes place, Gambit is left for dead after refusing to partake in a pre-planned slaughter but manages to save one Morlock child.
*A new Gambit takes to the road, a modern day Robin Hood with a desire for redemption that will ultimately lead him to the X-Men.

Character Details

A charming devil-may-care rogue with a heart of gold. He can be rebellious and sarcastic which eludes to his darker side that mainly stems from a troubled past and the connected guilty conscious.


Image Name Relation Notes
BlackCatPhilNoto.jpg Black Cat Fellow Thief Mysterious and beautiful - two big nos already. What can I say though, I got a thing for cats.
Catwoman1.jpg Catwoman Fellow Thief Runs the Tin Roof Club in Gotham, great place to sell stolen goods and get new leads, work and info. Also become a real close companion, we speak the same language.
Mimic1.jpg Mimic X-Men X-Men, recruiter and a crazy man from another dimension. Knows too much and that's unnerving but seems like a decent sort.
Magik001.jpg Magik Petit Diable X-Men, spooky young woman with a power over the supernatural. Gives me the creeps but is good to know powerful people, right? Right.
Rogue.jpg Rogue Associate Met in a dark place, shared a kiss that knocked this guy out of his world (for weeks), stuck the poor woman with a demon. Probably wants to kill me now.
dana-rune-KBprofile.jpg Rune Associate Another of them magical supernatural sorts that make the skin tingle'n'crawl but hasn't tried to kill me, so that is good.
Psylocke1.jpg Psylocke X-Men Kind of a bitch.


*Remy is bi-lingual and speaks English and French Cajun. His accent tends to bounce depending on his state of awareness, mood and how lazy he is being or not. He also speaks very bad Japanese.
*Remy has a great singing voice.
*Gambit's favorite cards are the Joker and the Ace of Spades. He is also quite adept at interpreting Tarot.
*Remy is superstitious.
*His favorite football team is the Saints. His favorite artist is M.C. Escher and he enjoys Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek.
*Gambit may be related to Mister Sinister and the Summers.

Character Gallery


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