Portrayed by Felicia Day
Full Name Annie Adams
Age 20
Height 5' 5"
Build Slight and unspectacular
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Factions None
Occupation Clerk at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Able to do math without a calculator, climb ladders to reach things on high shelves, and always says 'Have a nice day!'.


Annie is one of the more popular clerks at BSSC. Maybe it's because she knows more than most of the other employees.


Growing up in Jersey, Annie discovered at a young age that she has a talent for gadgets. She can make them, break them down, improve upon them and hardly ever blows anything up any more. She's one of only two clerks at BSSC that knows it's not ALL make-believe. She has access to the 'back room', where the real superhero supplies are kept.

Character Details

In social situations, Annie is shy and awkward, but her job at BSSC brings her out of her shell like nothing else. She knows where everything is, even the clandestine supplies, and commands her domain. In the store she doesn't have to be herself, she can be GeekGirl! Champion of Superheros who need…. stuff.


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About the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company: By all outward appearances, BSSC is a tourist mecca, catering to fans of Superheros of all types. All proceeds go toward 826NYC, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young adults with their writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Behind the scenes, known only by word-of-mouth through the Superhero community, is a thriving resource that actually does supply Superheroes with certain items. Everything stocked for the 'normal' trade is available in actual form for individuals of a heroic nature. From maps, to gadgets, to natural enhancement tinctures, if you need it to fight crime you can find it at BSSC. Proof of Superheroing may be required. Ask for GeekGirl or HandyMan. All major credit cards are accepted.

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June 5, 2014: Hawkeye visits the shop to pick up some supplies.
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