General Zod
General Zod
Portrayed by Ray Stevenson
Full Name Dru-Zod
Age 52
Height 6'5"
Build Extremely Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions Forthcoming
Occupation Unintentional Supervillain
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

General Zod has not made himself known to the people of Earth quite yet. To those of the Galaxy, Dru-Zod is known as Kryptons most successful General, and a deadly terrorist who has recently escaped from the notorious Phantom Zone.


General Zod's reputation spans across the stars. He's feared as a military leader, hated as a terrorist and traitor to his people, and loved by those who he helped free from the Phantom Zone. Having just arrived to Earth, Zod's not yet had a chance to increase his reputation any.


Dru-Zod's legacy begins when he was but a boy living in Argo City. The son of two Kryptonian scientists, Zod was the pride and joy of his parents, as he was their only child. Despite the Zod family's long history of being great military leaders, it was simply not what his father had in mind for his offspring, and he did everything he could to push Dru towards science. Perhaps everything would've turned out fine, but his motivation to follow in his fathers footsteps was cut-short by an extremely unfortunate expedition into Krypton's teeming wilderness.

It was supposed to be a fairly short expedition, as they had only been instructed to extract a certain root from it's only location, but things went terribly wrong when his mother sliced her hand on a thorn, and attracted every predator within a hundred meters. Dru-Zod watched as his mother was brutally mauled in front of his very eyes. He and his father fought to the best of their abilities, but things were looking grim. As a last ditch effort, Dru's father sacrificed his life, urging Dru to continue on. Dru did as he was told reluctantly, and left his father to die. He spent several weeks in the wilderness, learning to survive on his own before being rescued by Jor-El and Zor-El. This event chipped away the curious mind, and hardened it into the mind of a warrior. Of a survivor.

As the boy grew into a young man he focused himself to training in Kryptonian Martial Arts and weaponry dedicating every ounce of free time to ensuring his entry into the military so that he could protect his people, hoping he would never have to see another Kryptonian die. This mindset paved the way to his early military career. By the time he was considered an adult, Zod had already distinguished himself as a highly competent soldier, and before long was leading the entire Military in combat.

Years passed, and Dru-Zod was appointed General over the entire Kryptonian Military. He led them to battle successfully countless time, seating himself as the greatest military mind Krypton had ever produced. It came to Zod's attention through the science council, that Jor-El, accompanied by his mentor Non, were conducting scientific experiments that were less than acceptable. Accompanied by his lieutenant, Ursa, Zod led a raid on Jor-El's laboratory, placing both men under arrest for heresy, claiming that Jor-El's theories regarding the planet's imminent destruction were causing mass hysteria and civil unrest.

Not long after Jor-El's arrest, General Zod came into knowledge that Jor-El was actually correct, and that the Science Council had been lying to him the entire time. He brought his findings up with the council, and they immediately began to cover it up. Zod, along with Ursa, defected from the council, and went about the effort of warning Krypton's inhabitants of their inevitable fate. Zod and Non grew close, but the council apprehended Non and doomed the man with a lobotomy, turning him into a little less than a half-witted savage.

Zod was livid. Abandoning all loyalty to the council, Zod swore revenge against them for their atrocities against Non. In an attempt to enlist Jor-El's aid to wrest control from the council, Jor-El refused, stating that violence was not the solution. Zod disagreed. It was the ONLY solution. Zod, Non, and Ursa, invaded the Council Chambers, slaughtering five of the members before being stopped. Using his last bit of influece, Jor-El pleaded to spare the lives of the three terrorists. The remaining council members placed Jor-El in charge of their sentencing, and he opted for what he thought was the best course of action. Exle. Feeling that Jor-El was a coward for not joining them, Zod vowed vengeance against the House of El, damning his son Kal-El's existence.

Jor-El, using a special projector, transported the three terrorists to the Multidimensional void reality known as, the Phantom Zone. In the years following their exile, they sat and watched helpless as their beloved planet exploded.

Many decades passed within the Phantom Zone before a mysterious event caused the Phantom Zone to drastically weaken. Awaiting this moment, Zod lead a group of prisoners, including Ursa and Non, out of the prison, escaping into normal space. From there, Zod traveled to Earth, crashing into the Sahara desert. Shortly after his arrival, his Krpytonian powers started to manifest. General Zod had returned, and he had some unfinished business that had to be settled.

Character Details

General Dru-Zod was at one point a curious, innocent mind who only cared to better his people. When his mother and father were mauled, everything changed. His heart turned frigid, and in turn so did his goals. The military hardened him further, his actions as a General sometimes ripping at any morality that the Kryptonian clung to. Instead of bettering his people, he wished to rule his people, so that he could protect them. In turn, he turned into a megalomaniacal ruler. He had great intentions, but sometimes his ideas were a bit drastic. Which is honestly an understatement. He knew what was best for his people, and it was the ONLY way. Zod would do anything it took to revive Krypton and his people, and years in the Phantom Zone only left his mind twisted with hatred and want for revenge.


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