Portrayed by Bradley James
Full Name Prince Brion of Markovia
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Kingdom of Markovia
Occupation Student/Politician
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Brion Markov is the Prince of Markovia, a small European nation bordering Slovenia and Italy.


Geo-Force is the rumored secret weapon of the Markovian people, who helped suppress a terrorist uprising in 2013. Brion Markov, on the other hand, has spent much of his life in front of a camera as the Prince of Markovia. He's popular in magazines and on the internet.


Brion was born as the second son of the King and Queen of Markovia in 1993, and like his brother his birth was big news all across the continent and large parts of the world. He had an idyllic upbringing, especially since the Soviet Union began to fall apart prior to his birth. For most of these years, Markovia was a place of peace and tranquility until 2013 when the Bedlam Raids began.
Baron Bedlam a local "freedom fighter," who operated more like a terrorist led a small coup attempt that began at the beginning of the year and continued into 2014. At times things looked very bleak for the Kingdom. So bleak, in fact, that when offered the opportunity for experimental treatments by a scientist known as Dr. Helga Jace, Brion jumped at the opportunity while his brother rebuffed it.

After the procedure, Brion found that he had unbelievable powers and was able to control soil, rocks, lava, and even gravity! The Prince led a battalion of soldiers that made quick work of Bedlam's ragtag group and Markov became known as a great military leader. His secret, however, was kept safe by the men under his command. Rumors of a Land Warrior are rampant, however, in Markovian prisons where convicted separatists ended up. They called him the Great Geo-Force.

Brion returned to Empire State University after the war to finish his college education in Political Science. Many of his professors gave him a lot of rope in his studies, given his family's place in the world and Brion's ability to tell a good war story at the bar.

Now and again, he dons the garb he wore during the war in order to root out evil or go after threats to Markovia or the western world.

Character Details

For those who know him well, Brion Markov is a warm, folksy sort of conversationalist with high charisma. He works hard and is generally liked by his people and by the people he comes into contact with. He's respected by the bureaucracy of the nation and by his family as well.

The dark side of Brion is his fierce temper. Usually this only comes out when he is feeling mocked, or if something has happened outside of his control. Once, when a member of the Drada threatened to filibuster Brion's social safety net enhancements in committee, Brion went to Igo Branislav's house himself to put a finger in the council person's face(without his father's permission). The King assured Branislav that his son, aged only 17 at the time, would not, in fact, stand against him in the Drada elections that fall. Nor would he take a baseball bat to Branislav's car as the young Prince threatened.


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Mongolian Buuz
March 22, 2015: Upon coming back to America, Brion invites Kate, one of his high school friends, to catch up.
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