Ghost of the 20th Century
Ghost of the 20th Century
Portrayed by Julian Sands
Full Name Elijah Snow
Age 40 (114)
Height 6'3"
Build Broad, solid.
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Factions Planetary
Occupation Archaeologist of the Impossible
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Virtually unknown except to conspiracy theorists, pulp enthusiasts and secret people who live in the secret world.


The Ghost of the 20th Century. The Fourth Man. Publisher of Planetary, the ultimate guide to the secrets of Earth and the realms beyond. Snow's reputation is almost unmatched among those within the fields of paranormal investigation, the occult, the strange, the weird and the unreal. He is recognized as the foremost expert and authority regarding such things by many people, and certainly the one most likely and willing to share that knowledge with others. His formidable reputation and prestige opens a lot of hidden doors, but it also gives him his share of hidden enemies.


Elijah Snow was born on January 1st, 1900, just after the stroke of midnight, in San Francisco, California. The only remarkable thing about Elijah's childhood was Elijah himself, who proved smarter, stronger, and more capable than any of his fellows. Quickly noticing the limits of human knowledge, by age 15, he'd begun to explore the world, taking to a steamer and travelling the globe in search of wisdom and challenge. He sought knowledge and tutelage first, gaining expertise from a variety of teachers. Most notably, rumor has it that Elijah was the last student of a reclusive Sherlock Holmes, although Elijah himself won't confirm or deny such gossip. His detective and intuitive skills, at the very least, cannot be doubted, as Elijah is a masterful detective and puzzle solver. At the end of his apprenticeship, Snow plunged again into the wider world, seeking out lost places and hidden secrets. He travelled the Amazon and the Nile, walked the Gobi desert, walked to the icy poles at either end of the Earth. He met with secret races, forgotten tribes, alien ambassadors. As the second World War arose, he found himself matching wits with the Nazis, keeping Hitler's servants from gaining occult treasures and weapons. He allied himself with heroes and adventurers, with other 'Century Babies' like himself. Along the way, he began to publish a guide: Planetary, he called it. In it, he detailed his adventures and his discoveries, laying bare for the world secrets and apocrypha. Most, of course, regarded it as pulp trash, but there were those who could see the truth in his words. Snow gathered followers, and those followers formed the basis of what would become the Planetary Organization, a network of explorers, arcanists, and spies dedicated to rooting out the truth wherever it might lay. Snow became their leader, their guiding light and their protector. Snow's heroism during WWII got him access to the halls of power, putting him in contact with the leaders of the age, and putting him on the front lines of the increasingly covert world of the occult, alien and unknown. He swore allegiance to nothing but knowledge, though, spurning official designations and authority to retain his independence. Planetary continued to grow, becoming something that could outlast his creator, something that Snow himself could look upon with pride. That became necessary when, in the late 1960s, while pursuing an investigation known only to him, Snow disappeared. For twenty five years, his whereabouts were unknown. Many presumed him dead. Then, in the early 1990s, Snow resurfaced, having apparently emerged from a period of homelessness, his memory restored by an encounter with a Planetary operative. To this day, not even Snow himself knows what became of him during those lost years, although he thinks he remembers sometimes, in his nightmares, but they always slip through his fingers. Since his return, he's re-asserted his leadership over Planetary. After preventing apocalypse at the dawn of the 21st century, Snow was surprised to find himself surviving his century, enduring into the age beyond. Now, as the Ghost of the 20th Century, he carries his secrets and his wisdom forward towards an unknown future.

Character Details

On the surface, Elijah Snow is a cold customer. Supremely logical, dedicated, obsessively detailed, and particular in his tastes. He tends to assume an air of authority or command in most situations, assuming (often correctly) that he's the most qualified person in any given room. While fully capable of being diplomatic when called upon, it isn't his first instinct, and he can be abrupt or almost rude in some circumstances. That said, this cold exterior overlays a very passionate heart, a man who cares deeply about the world and the people in it. He takes his responsibilities seriously and has accepted the role history has laid out for him. He simply realizes that behaving objectively and without sentiment is often the most effective way to approach the world and its problems. But there are many scars and hidden loves within that frozen heart of his. He simply considers them private and isn't prone to sharing with the rest of the class.


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