Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
Full Name Daniel Ketch
Age 25
Height 6'
Build Lean Asskicker
Eyes Blue/Sockets
Hair Brunette/Hellfire
Factions None
Occupation Spirit of Vengeance
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Dan Ketch isn't known for much except a rap sheet stretching back to juvie. The Ghost Rider has developed a reputation as a terrifying figure of nightmares which has begun to stalk the wicked and the damned.


Dan Ketch used to be kind of a petty crook, was known in his old neighborhood for being a car thief most especially, although motorcycles and the occasional bit of burglary came along. Word on the street is that he's trying to go straight, but he doesn't have a lot of employable skills. The Ghost Rider's reputation has been sealed by the gibbering, maddened men left in his wake. Criminals known for being fearless and terrifying have begged for death to be freed from the nightmares. Some people say he's the Devil himself, come to drag souls down to Hell.


Dan Ketch grew up in a fatherless home, with a naive mother who worked three jobs and a big sister who tried, and failed, to keep him out of trouble. By the time he was a teenager, Dan had gotten a rap sheet for plenty of petty crimes: vandalism, possession, fighting. By his twenties, he'd started to graduate into an actual criminal life, even as his older sister became a cop. Dan got a rep as the hot young car thief in Brooklyn, the guy to go to if you wanted something specific. His sister wouldn't bust him, but tried to focus him on his other hobby and passion as a mechanic and motorcycle builder. Of course, even then, he didn't have money for parts, which is how he ended up in a junkyard stealing parts in the middle of the night during a gang shootout. His sister, there undercover, was shot. Dan's cry caught the attention of the killers, who chased him into an old part of the junkyard, where a medallion on an old motorcycle suddenly burst into light and fire. Moments later, the Ghost Rider emerged, having consumed and taken Dan's form. The Rider annihilated the criminals and put the fear of…well, not God, into them. Dan returned to the world in time to get his sister into an ambulance, but she's remained comatose ever since. In the meantime, Dan and the Rider work to come to terms: the Rider's thirst for vengeance, Dan's search for redemption, and woe betide any criminal who gets in their paths.

Character Details

Dan's a bad young man who's trying to become a good young man, with mixed results. He's brave, confident, sarcastic, definitely has the bad boy aura. He's not particularly well-educated and he can be sensitive about it - he's smarter than he thinks he is. He has a quick temper and is prone to bad habits. He's been weak to bad influences in the past, but has gotten stronger from having to fight and hold his own against whatever that thing is in his head. The Rider has a simple personality - it is a creature of vengeance, rage, bloodlust and hate. The Rider lacks mercy or compassion, cares only for its mission. While it may avenge the innocent, it is not particularly nice in and of itself and certainly won't bother playing nice against anybody that tries to stop it. The blood of the innocent demands vengeance and the Rider will answer that call.


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