Gravity Kid
Portrayed by Cam Gigandet
Full Name Tel Vole
Age 25
Height 5'10"
Build Lean & Athletic
Eyes Black
Hair Brown
Factions Titans
Occupation Former Space Police
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Science Police officer. 1000 years from now.


None. Brand new to this century.


Tel Vole was born on the planet Earth in the 31st century. Though his parents were normal humans, he is a mutant with the power to mentally control gravitons. Like many young boys with superhuman powers, he imagined one day growing up to be a member of the Legion of Superheroes. He studied hard and graduated his primary and secondary schooling ahead of schedule. He then applied to, and was accepted at, the Legion Academy where he was trained to use his powers and learn teamwork.

He was a serious young man and very earnest about his responsibilities. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, he was often dragged along by the more impetuous and frivolous Academy members as he felt an obligation to make sure they didn't get into trouble. At the Academy, he met a recruit by the name of Jedidiah Rikane, also called Power Boy. They started dating and eventually married. Jed was an older cadet so graduated before Tel but was rejected by the Legion and ended up joining the Science Police as a guard on Takron-Galtos, Tel remained at the Academy but was disillusioned when he witnessed another cadet sacrifice his life. He realized that life is too short to give up happiness and left to join his husband as a member of the Science Police as well.

Over the next couple years, they realized that they married too soon and decided to end their marriage though they remained friends. It was on a mission for the Science Police that he was thrown back into time. Confronting a memeber of the Legion of Super Villains, there was a massive explosion centered around a superdense material. In the same exact spot, at the same exact time, on the same exact day, only 975 years apart, events in the 21st century opened a rift in time. The two events combined to throw Tel out of his century and into that of the Titans'.

Character Details

While he has his serious side, Tel has learned that life is too short to not do what you can to be happy.




Should any other LSH characters be apped, I'm keeping Tel's complete canon history. The only change is after he goes off camera in Adventure Comics #529. I haven't read all of his appearances though so if you've interacted with him, I'll probably need to be filled in.

For those who need a way to get to the past, I'm figuring the rift that opened in the future could still be open and also preventing any return trips from those who intentionally go through it or with time machines (this giving a reason why they're sticking around in the 21st century).

Character Gallery


Titans: Defenders of Limbo
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Fly The Friendly Skies
August 15, 2014: An encounter in the sky above Manhattan.
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The Avenging Son: Namor Attacks!
August 14, 2014: King Namor makes his proclamation - humanity keep out of the oceans! And he plans to show what happens when humans trespass!
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No Heavy Breathing
August 9, 2014: Tel and Keith have a moment.
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Cloak and Hot Dogs
August 09 2014: Two caped crusaders and an ice nerd get hot dogs
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Up On The Roof
August 6, 2014: Some Titans get together for an impromptu get together. Up on the roof.
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Times Square Triage
August 6th, 2014: A runaway bus crashes into Times Square, and it's up to an impromptu group of heroes to get the injured parties to safety.
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It's So Primitive
August 04, 2014: Tel's feeling much better after a rest. Until he finds out when he is.
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Mayhem at the Philharmonic
August 2, 2014 The Fiddler causes mayhem but he cannot be bested by the TITANS! Also, first appearance of Gravity Kid, so, there's that too.
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