Green Lantern
Green Lantern
Portrayed by Chris Pine
Full Name Harold "Hal" Jordan
Age 30
Height 6'1"
Build Quarterback
Eyes Blue
Hair Brunette
Factions Green Lantern Corps
Occupation Hotshot Pilot/Superhero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Hal Jordan's an Air Force hero with a few medals and a test pilot for some of the country's most top-secret superplanes (or so he's heavily implied while flirting with a reporter from Vanity Fair). Green Lantern is a shining light in the sky, Defender of Earth, an emerald beacon of hope and has a really strong, manly jaw (according to Marybeth in Accounting).


Hal Jordan's a reckless, brash, often-stupid, stubborn and rebellious pain in the ass. He also happens to be one of the best damn pilots in the world and he's not afraid to let you know it. Ego or not, he's always backed it up, even if he sometimes takes the kind of risks you shouldn't take with several billion dollars of taxpayer money. He's known to drink hard and play hard, and he doesn't like a lot of questions about his past. Green Lantern's been on the superhero scene for a couple of years, mostly showing up to fight off aliens or stave off major disasters, although the occasional regular villain has caught his attention. So far, he doesn't seem to play well with others, flying solo most of the time.


Hal Jordan grew up in California, the son of a pilot, surrounded by brothers and dreaming of the sky. He idealized his father, a pilot, even if the old man sometimes knocked back a few too many (or knocked him and his brothers around). Isn't that what Dads did? When Dad crashed a plane on the landing strip, going up in flames while Hal and his brother waited, the rest of the Jordans lost their taste for aircraft. Not Hal. A star athlete in high school, Hal surprised everyone by turning down football scholarships to sign up for the Air Force.

He became a hell of a fighter jock, streaking across the Middle East, bombing terrorist camps, launching drones. War, though, left something bitter in his mouth. He never could feel quite good about killing, no matter that it was part of war. When his tour was up, he used some contacts he'd made to get a job in the private sector, testing out experimental aircraft systems and matching them up against prospective defenses. He also made himself the terror of nearby towns and watering holes, drinking men under the table and leaving with their girlfriends. Occasionally, he'd have to throw a punch or two. Sometimes he'd win, sometimes he'd lose, either way they'd usually end up laughing. Well, if Hal didn't knock them out.

One night, a falling star across the sky caught his attention, so close, literally aflame in the sky - and suddenly the world went green. Scooped up, Hal met Abin Sur, a dying alien, protector of this realm of space and member of the Green Lantern Corps. As he lay dying, his ring sought out the most fearless, suitable candidate, the one with the most unbreakable will. Hal didn't need to explain that meant him. Using the ring's power, he was able to defeat the aliens who lead to Sur's death, before being summarily summoned to Oa. There, the Guardians of the Universe put him through Green Lantern boot camp alongside countless other aliens. He exceeded expectations in all methods of performance, showing matchless potential. The only thing the Guardians didn't like was Hal's penchant for free thought and distaste for following orders. But it was agreed that, for now, he was the best candidate.

And so, Hal Jordan returned to Earth and, for the last few years, has spent his time defending the world from threats great and small. And, when he can, he still flies a way to enjoy fast planes, fast cars, fast drinks and fast women. Not too shabby for a kid from Coast City.

Character Details

Hal's the high school quarterback, the town hero, the golden boy whose life always seems to go his way. That's the way it looks on the surface and that's the way he wants it to keep looking. To some degree, it's true. His love of danger and addiction to adrenaline push him close to the flame, but he's yet to get more than a first (well, maybe second) degree burn. He isn't fond of over-thinking things, preferring to live by impulse, in the moment. He works hard, fights hard, plays hard, drinks hard, chases skirts hard (and is the kind of guy who still thinks it's okay to say 'chasing skirts'). Can be a bit of a neanderthal, but isn't quite as much of one as he pretends to be. Smarter than people give him credit. Fast-thinking, cool under pressure. Hard to get to know, but deathly loyal to those who get past his defenses. Private, uncomfortable with emotion or sentiment. The kind of guy you want in a foxhole with you, even if he sometimes drives you nuts.


Image Name Relation Information
Seikatsu1.jpg Reese Confidante Reese and Hal may seem an unlikely pairing - no one knows better than they. Brought together by happenstance, the intergalactic warrior and the immortal healer have formed a quick and powerful bond with one another, one that's already been tested by demon attack, muggers and rental cars. More than friends, perhaps, but that, at least, for certain, they have a bond of mutual respect and appreciation. She's one of the few beings who knows Hal's dual identity.

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Rubbing Gravestones
January 3, 2015: Reese calls Hal to talk about finding Kida.
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New Friends and Fireworks
January 1, 2015: Hal Jordan and Reese Takeda go for a walk.
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