Portrayed by Josh Bowman
Full Name Hunter Rose
Age 26
Height 6'
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Hellfire Club, Unified Crime Family
Occupation Crime Lord, Novelist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Hunter Rose is a renowned American author who is best known for the 2003 bestselling novel Creon, the 2004 bestselling novel Glee Club, the 2005 bestselling novel Indigo, the 2006 bestselling novel My Little Chickadee… you get the idea.


Grendel began as a hired assassin for the Ciccone Crime Family. When Thedore P. Ciccone III tried to learn who was behind the mask, Grendel took over the Family and several others. Today it is known as the Unified Crime Family.


His given name is Eddie. It is not a nickname for Edward, Edmund, or Edgar. It is not even short for Edsel. It is Eddie. His surname is not important. But the fact that his parents gave him a diminutive name speaks volumes as to his origins. He was born into America's ever-contracting middle class. He grew up in the suburbs. He might have been normal, if he weren't quite so exceptional.

He is a mutant. But not as you might expect. He does not shoot lasers out of his eyes. He cannot manipulate the weather. And he can't read minds. At least not telepathically. His mutant ability, if you called it as such, is his mind.

Eddie excelled at everything he did, and he did it ridiculously so. He would not experience failure until the epee individual final of the 2002 World Fencing Championship in Lisbon, Portugal. He threw the match out of boredom.

He was fourteen. Most people believed that he had given his best and been found wanting. But he didn't fool everyone. Jocasta Rose, the trainer of the British team, saw right through him. She was impressed and she seduced him.

She was thirty-six. And she taught him about her philosophy. She did not care for material possessions or interpersonal relationships. All that mattered to her was competition. She called it the game. They would play it for a year.

And then she died. Even before she had met Eddie, she knew that she was terminally ill. But she refused to give in to fate. During that year, she lived, and so did Eddie. It was the best year of his life, before or since.

But when it was over, he returned to America. But he didn't go home. No, he had left Eddie in Europe. That was his past. It no longer mattered. In honour of Jackie and the Game, he would become Hunter Rose. And he would make his future in New York. He would also adopt another name, that of Grendel.

As Hunter, he would pen his first novel, Creon, within months. Over the next few years, he would add Glee Club and Indigo to his list of published works. Each would enjoy a lengthy stay at the top of the New York Times best sellers list. Oh, and his parents died. While he was in Europe. Not that it matters.

As Grendel, he would kill. The first two were unremarkable in all but their chronology. But the third one would serve a greater purpose. It was his audition. He became a hired assassin for one of New York's famed Crime Lords.

But it almost fell apart before it could begin. While attending a social affair, he was recognised as Eddie. For that, Tildon had to die. It was assumed that Til was involved in organised crime. It ruined his family.

It was a pity. But soon, Grendel would have other things to worry about. It seemed that his employer, Theodore P. Ciccone III couldn't live with the mystery of who Grendel really was. So he engineered a pitiful attempt to learn the secret. It was so obvious that Grendel figured, what the hell, why not?

He saw straight through Ciccone's effort. In point of fact, he was somewhat disappointed that it had taken this long. After dispatching four of Ciccone's men, he explained that business would go on as usual. He knew that Ciccone was an good at what he did. But from now on, Teddy would be working for Grendel.

Inside of a year, Grendel had tripled the organisation's income, and he had done it while cleaning it up. Certain offensive activities, like child prostitution were wiped from their own books, and everyone else's as well.

The next major event in Hunter's life would come when he poisoned Barry Palumbo's drink. Unfortunately, his niece, Stacy, was the one to discover the body. So Hunter had to think quickly. He got his friend Larry Stohler to create a diversion for the police while Hunter took Stacy away from there.

Larry did his job well. Grendel was able to remove Stacy from the party, fight an exhilarating battle with Argent the Wolf, set fire to the garden, question and murder a cabbie, rescue Stacy from Bernie Gene, and return to the party, without his or Stacy's absence going noticed by the police or attendees.

The police were fools. But Lar was not. He deduced Grendel's identity, and confronted Hunter about it. Ordinarily, Grendel would have killed him. But Hunter liked the nerve shown by his friend. He became part of the network.

After the trial, in which Rachel Coleman was convicted of orchestrating Barry Palumbo's murder, Hunter sought to adopt his niece, Stacy. He was eighteen.

During the proceedings, he published My Little Chickadee, which captured the public's imagination. The parallels were obvious, and yet the novel was surprisingly complex, like all his novels. It took him three days to write.

And it worked. Hunter Rose became Stacy's legal guardian. And the public loved them. They became a media sensation, going everywhere together. Or to put it more accurately, wherever they went, was the place that everyone wanted to be.

It has been eight years since Hunter took in Stacy. She has become a fine young woman. His criminal empire has steadily grown. And yet, there is still something missing. Hunter needs a purpose, and Grendel needs a challenge…

Character Details

Hunter Rose is a high functioning sociopath. He does not concern himself with the welfare of others. He would callously murder someone in cold blood if they did something that he did not approve of. The only relationship that he has ever maintained for a significant period of time is with his ward, Stacy Palumbo, and she was just a child when he became her legal guardian. He does not suffer incompetence lightly, and he feels neither guilt, nor sorrow.

He possesses the very best and the worst traits of Sherlock Holmes, Vito Corleone, and Spider-Man. He is capable of kindness, although it is something of a rarity. He holds children in high regard, believing that they should be protected above all else. While he would not think twice about murdering a cab driver, he would be aghast at himself were he to endanger a child.

He is Machiavellian, planning two, three, or even four steps ahead. When he suffers some kind of failure in his plans, they are usually devised in such a way that he succeeds in some other way. He may not steal the diamond, but the police will have been pulled off of their regular assignments, which in turn would have made it easier for his men to rob the First Republic Bank. If his men were unsuccessful in the robbery, then he would have eliminated a rival, as the leader of those men harboured ambitions to replace him as Crime Lord.

He is primarily motivated by a desire to curb his endless boredom. When interested, he comes alive, but very little interests him these days. He searches out challenges, to test himself, physically and mentally. When he is genuinely surprised, he is as likely to thank that person as he is to continue the attack. Surprises are so rare to him that they are cherished.


Image Real Name Codename Relation Notes
2yypesi.jpg Stacy Palumbo Stacy Palumbo Ward Stacy Palumbo is Hunter Rose's fourteen year old ward. He has been her legal guardian for eight years now and he considers her family, his only family. She has a bit of a normalising effect on him. Through her, he's experienced something resembling an ordinary life. But she is also a scion of the Palumbo Crime Family. She is inquisitive, intelligent, and really quite charming, but she may one day turn against him. She is portrayed by actress Morgan Lily.
2h58bc6.jpg Larry Stohler Larry Stohler Associate Larry Stohler is one of Grendel's chief informants and only confidant. He knows Grendel's secret identity, and is perhaps the only living person who could make such a claim. Highly Intelligent and quite capable, he occasionally goes out on assignments for Grendel. One day, assuming that Grendel does not kill him, he may even be trained as a protege, though that remains an extremely unlikely scenario. He is portrayed by actor Tom Felton.


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