Gwen Stacy
Portrayed by Gwen Stacy
Full Name Gwendolyne Stacy
Age 22
Height 5'7"
Build Skinny
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Grad Student and Star Labs Researcher
Alignment Good

Claim to Fame

The new 'Spider-Woman' is one of the most recent costumed heroes to be spotted in the tri-cities area and seems to be seen primarily in New York City. She also seems to have a penchant for graffiti. Gwen Stacy was well known among her former and current classmates and works at Star Labs when she manages to show up.


Spider-Woman is definitely one of the heroes, although she is clearly a little new at all of this; preferring to do things her own way. Gwen Stacy is known to be intelligent, dedicated and hardworking but she's recently started keeping the strangest hours.


Gwendowlyne Stacy is the only child of George and Helen Stacy, her mother being a homemaker and her father a decorated police Captain with the New York Police Department. She spent her entire childhood in New York City, having what most would call the 'ideal' family life despite the overprotectiveness of her father.

Her grades were phenomenal in school despite a minor rebellious streak mainly directed towards her father that would lead Gwen to occasionally run with the wrong crowds during High School. George Stacy, her father was always there put a stop to anything that could get her in trouble including her relationship with her first true love, for reasons she never clearly understood.

Gwen graduated Valedictorian of her class in High School and got a full scholarship to NYU where she majored in Chemistry, while also taking on nearly a double class-load. As a freshman she was able to secure an Internship at Star Labs and now that she is a graduate student working on a degree in biochemistry; she has also found that internship extending into actual employment and a place to conduct her research studies.

Engrossed in her work, Gwen was hoping to make a major breakthrough in her research and had been examining a strange sample she found located on ice in Star Labs; a mutant spider. The Spider managed to escape confinement while she was trying to get a tissue sample and managed to bite her.

Gwen was very sick for days, it was the worst she had ever felt in her entire life but when she recovered she felt better than she ever had. The bite had the most unusual side effects; she found that she was stronger and faster than she had ever been before. As other powers began to manifest, she realized that she had been forever changed.

Inspired by the costumed vigilante who had saved her so many years ago, she created a costume for that was much more fitting to her own tastes and decided she would need to use her powers for good; to help others.

She would become, Spider-Woman!

Character Details

Gwen Stacy is a kind and caring young woman with a gentle heart. Despite her gentle nature she has the courage and determination to help others when the need arises. She's bright, quick witted and enthusiastic when it comes to science and she's almost always friendly if a little sarcastic at times.


Image Name Relation Information
thumbnail.jpg Peter Parker Friend/Ex-Boyfriend/Classmate Gwen and Peter dated in High School but for some reason her father was insistent the two break it off. They've remained friends over the years and she really thinks Peter needs to meet himself a nice girl.
5LsXJg6.jpg?1 Eugene 'Flash' Thompson Friend/Classmate Despite the fact that Flash made fun of Peter, the pair were friends for the most part. She hasn't kept in contact with him much, but heard about his terrible injuries overseas.
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Bobby Drake Friend/Classmate Gwen always thought Bobby was one of the 'coolest' kids in school. He was chill and he didn't act like a jerk to others.


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Character Gallery


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Crashing Grand Central
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The Amazing Spider-Gwen
March 26, 2015: Gwen Stacy comes to the Baxter Building one evening to try to get help from biochemist Dr. Sue Storm.
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Talk to The Hand
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Bio Weapons
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M-Town Gwen
March 22, 2015: Gwen and Bobby catch up in M-Town
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Chance Encounter
March 22nd, 2015: Contingency-C and Spearhead take down a group of thugs while Spider-Gwen defaces a billboard.
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Philly Steaks with Gwen
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Drive-by at Mutattoo
March 21, 2015: An attempted drive-by shooting at Mutattoo brings two spiderfolk, a Hawkeye, and an X-Man together. Turns out the smooth is back on the streets, and something is terribly wrong with the mercenary, Shift.
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