Det. L. Hammerman
Detective Lucius Hammerman
Portrayed by Lawrence Fishburne
Full Name Lucius Claudius Hammerman
Age 49
Height 6'4
Build Tall - Linebacker Build
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Salt & Pepper
Factions NYPD
Occupation NYPD Detective
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

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Weathered old soul, quick wit, sharp eye, sharp tongue as well.


Lucius Hammerman is an old war veteran, Operation Storm veteran. He was honorably discharged from service when he was shot in the shoulder and unable to retain his former military standing due to injury. Instead of staying enlisted and keeping a desk job within the military through politics, he instead began working for the NYPD as a beat cop, slowly rising through the ranks and becoming a detective there after.

Character Details

He has a fatherly aire about him. No nonsense, but is noble and honorable and believes in protecting his friends first, and then the law. There are times when the lines could become misconstrued, but at the end of the day, the law is the law and he'll inspect all ends to ensure that its followed and justice served.


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Character Gallery


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