Portrayed by John Cusack
Full Name Currently Unknown (Martin Blank)
Age 33
Height 5'11"
Build Tall, slim
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Technician at BSSC
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Having a 'claim to fame' would be entirely against Handy's practice of keeping low and under the radar.


In a very limited circle, Handy has a reputation for being a fine craftsman in certain weapons.


Known: There is actually very little known about Handy. He never talks about hobbies or family, when he's not at the store he might as well not exist.

Unknown: A sordid past includes time spent taking care of 'problems' for certain 'clients'. It has led to his familiarity with weapons. A personal revelation set him toward changing his methods, and taking more of a support role for those trying to right wrongs and stand up for justice.

Character Details

Quiet and brooding. There is rarely a smile on the man's thin lips, and his eyes hold a cold glint. Until he gets to talking business. Finding a common ground over weapons with BSSC's clients opens the man up, at least a little.


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