Portrayed by Laura Vandervoort
Full Name Lydia Donovan
Age 28
Height 5'-8"
Build Slender
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Scientist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Eyes and Ears of Earth-681


Little-known science prodigy


Lydia Donovan grew up in a life of privilege on Earth-681. Her family was affluent and she won the genetic lottery, having beauty and brains and exceptionally strong psychic powers. She was afforded an excellent education and finished her PhD by the time she was twenty five. One of the Psychic Overlords took notice of Lydia and chose her for an advance-scouting mission to Earth. After arriving, she used her abilities to set up a false ID and is working on insinuating herself into our society to prepare for the eventual invasion.

Character Details

Lydia is focused and sometimes a bit intense as well as being goal-oriented. For all that she's a telepath, she's not very good at talking to people. She tends to look at things a bit too clinically and not emotionally enough and that tends to leave people cold. Her humor is usually sarcastic or makes reference to things others aren't aware of (pop culture, science culture, etc.) and she isn't always good at disguising her frustration when someone can't grasp what she's talking about. All of that aside, Lydia genuinely wants to help people as a whole to have better lives. She just has a different idea of what makes better lives than the people of Earth.


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Character Gallery


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