Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn
Portrayed by Kitty Young
Full Name Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel
Age 27
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions N/A
Occupation The Joker's top Henchperson/GF / Psychologist (license revoked)
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Can carry a surpisingly large circus mallet for a woman her size.


This is Joker's girlfriend, or maybe just his top henchman. It's hard to tell with those two. When not working with Joker, she has been known to team up with Poison Ivy and Catwoman in a team they call the Gotham City Sirens. Unstable, Harley can be either playful and harmless or psychotically dangerous. She is considered armed and dangerous by the Gotham Police, even when not apparently either and is used to people running when they see her skipping down the street.


Harleen, daughter of Sharon and Nick Quinzel, was born and raised in Brooklyn. Her father was a career criminal, her brother Barry following in his footsteps. Though Harleen was incredibly talented in gymnastics, her family's behavior drove her to try and figure out why they were lured to such deviant behaviour. The fact that she was often considered a dumb blonde, in spite of her straight A grades, added to her ambition to be known for her mind then for her body.
Harleen got a scholarship to Gotham City University with her gymnastics and went into Psychology where she got top grades. She became lured by what she called 'extreme personalities', her own thesis showing how there are only two circumstances in which a person would disregard the rules of society; while commiting a crime or while being in love. In the course of her proving her thesis, she drove her boyfriend to the point where he murdered someone in the hopes to protect her. After realizing he had killed someone for her, Harleen's boyfriend then pulled the gun on himself and asked her to help him kill himself as he couldn't live with the guilt of his murder. The gun fired, but it remains a mystery as to whether Harleen had helped pull the trigger.
Upon graduating, Dr. Quinzel started her first year residency at Arkham Asylum, where she managed to convince Dr. Arkham to let her interview the Joker as a key part of a book she was writing on 'extreme personalities'. In an attempt to get the Joker to confide in her, she invited him to call her Harley Quinn. He laughed and asked if she was flirting with him. When she moved closer to him, he tried to strangle her, but instead of fear in her eyes, he saw adoration and so stopped in his own confusion. Thus started their secret relationship in Arkham. Over the next couple of years, as her love for the Joker and insanities grew, Harley would secretly help the Joker to escape Arkham several times.
When the Joker was brought to Arkham, beaten almost to death by the Batman, it was too much for Harleen's already fragile mind to deal with. She vowed to destroy the man who was the bane to her love's existance in order to win the Joker's love. Once Joker was well enough to join her in another escape, she came to him in her new guise of Harley Quinn, new and improved.
Over the course of the next few years, the Joker and Harley commited several different capers, spending more then a few times in Arkham Asylum. If they weren't both caught at the same time, chances were that one would stage an escape for the other.
During one of their off again relationship moments, Harley tried to capture and kill the Batman. Holding him upside down over a tank of pirhana, Batman convinced her to call the Joker and let him watch, since there would be no evidence after the pirhana ate him. Instead of his approval, the Joker was very upset with Harley for nearly killing *his* nemesis. He pushed Harley out the window and went to finish the job himself, but by this time the Bat had escaped. During the ensuing fight, Batman taunted the Joker by pointing out that Harley had come closer to killing Batman then Joker had ever done.
Meanwhile, down below, Harley had fallen into the greenhouse hideout of Poison Ivy. Ivy originally considered finishing the job, but when the prospect of her death failed to move Harley, Ivy grew curious. Ivy instead nursed Harley back to health and they pair grew to be fast friends. Ivy regularily tried to convince to leave the Joker for good, but when it was clear that Harley would always go back to him, she injected into Harley a series of serums that would give her a fighting chance with him, increasing her strength, dexterity and endurance as well as making her immune to most toxins.
The next few years, Harley yo-yoed back and forth between capers with the Joker and capers with Ivy and Catwoman. Calling themselves the Gotham City Sirens, the three women gave each other emotional support while also enjoying commiting crimes as a team. On one rare occasion, she actually worked *with* the Batman to thwart the Joker, just to get back at her on again off again paramour.
Currently, Harley is back on again with her 'Puddin'. Still friendly with her fellow Sirens, she is taking time away from them to be with Mr. J.

Character Details

Harley has a fractured personality. There is Harley Quinn and then there is Dr. Harleen Quinzel. The doctor is compassionate, driven and curious about the minds of others. Harley is unstable. She can be playful and mostly harmless or dangerous and downright psychotic, and randomly flip-flops between. Her outfits, while always of a harlequin theme, are often a hint to her current mood.


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