Portrayed by Ryan Gosling
Full Name Alexander "Alex" Summers
Age 26
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions X-Men
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Alex was once in the news for being the sole survivor of an IED attack in Afghanistan a few years back.


Alex has several reputations that he can account for. He's a veteran of the United States Army, discharged at the rank off Staff Sergeant, with more than four tours of combat duty under his belt. As a Civilian, he's known as that quiet new guy who attends Columbia University as a first year Geophysics major.


Born in October of '88, Alex was the youngest of two sons fathered by Air Force Major, Christopher Summers. Their mother, Katherine, was a stay-at-home mom who was constantly cleaning and cooking. A proper, loyal military wife was a rare thing, yet Christopher had found himself one.

The family constantly moved from Air-Force Base to Air-Force Base, never allowing Alex any considerable amount of time to socialize with the other students. Scott was his only real friend and the two grew close, despite their knack for getting into fist fights over stupid things, like brothers generally do. For seven years the Summer family was a real, functional thing, and it was beautiful.

What happened up in the air-plane remains a mystery to Alex, who to this day can only remember bright lights and an explosion, and the sound of his brothers voice reassuring him everything would be fine. Then nothing. Alex awoke a few days later separated from his brother in a hospital. He was put in the care of an orphanage and later adopted by a family who had recently lost their son, Tommy.

Alex hated his new family, who had dragged him all the way down to Texas. His adoptive parents were still grieving the loss of their son, and kept treating him like Tommy. It was unbearable, and Alex grew resentful towards them. He spent all of his time outside, playing. As he grew older, he found himself spending more time in the library, researching history of aeronautics, and military. It revived a spark of interest in him that had laid dormant for many years. During high-school Alex spent his time in the gym, and his books, preparing for a military career as FAR away from his adoptive family as he could get.

Alex got his wish. As soon as he graduated from High School, the Army whisked him away to basic training in North Carolina. Alex was promptly placed with a group destined for Ranger school. Basic was over quick, and Ranger school even quicker. Before Alex knew it, he was jumping out of Helicopters into the mountains of Afghanistan, fighting terrorists and opium drug lords. His first four years in the Army were beyond intense, doing two tours in that time. He had seen some gnarly stuff, and trained with some of the most elite troops on the planet.

Hearing no word about his brother, and feeling hopeless, Alex re-enlisted. With nothing else too lose, Alex spent every waking moment to bettering himself as a soldier. It paid off. Not long after he came to the conclusion to remain a soldier for life, his platoon was sent to Iraq for another tour of duty. New terrorist groups had risen up from the ashes that had been produced by the elite military unit. They had grown stronger, and had a personal vendetta. For the next six months, Alex would be engaged in some of the most intense fire-fights behind enemy-lines that soldiers were faced with that year.

Everything changed for Alex in an instant. Four of his men had been shot down around him, and a group of taliban fighters surrounded him. In a fit of blinding rage, Alex exploded. Literally, disintegrating the enemies, and scarring the vehicles with intense heat. He had no real explanation, so he told his superiors he was the only survivor of an enemy IED.

Alex did one more tour before being stationed in Japan. He only had two years left, and the fighting had decreased in the middle-east. His powers increased in strength and random intervals of discharging.. and when he got angry.. well.. he exploded. Alex locked himself in his room when he was not on duty, taking up interest once again in computers. Alex constantly scanned the news for word of his brother. Nothing appeared until only a few months ago, when Scott had been seen on TV blowing a hole in the roof. Not only was it his brother, but.. he had a similar issue with blowing things up. When it was time to sign that dotted line once more, Alex declined and took his discharge papers, leaving the armed forces as a Staff Sergeant.

From there, Alex took a plane back to New York, using his resources to get him into Columbia University where he'd begin his journey of tracking down his long lost brother!

Character Details

Alex is not cheerful by any means. He has seen and done some wicked things in his life in the name of his country; but it doesn't stop him from being MORE cheerful than his brother Scott. His sense of humor is large, and raunchy, and more often than not is what gets him in trouble with the ladies, and his peers. He knows when to force a smile for the sake of social niceties, and literally goes out of his way to avoid confrontation so that nobody dies. Plain and simple. Alex is still a bit of a partier, and every weekend you can guarantee that he'll be hungover each morning.

When it comes down to it, Alex is pretty serious. He's been institutionalized by the military after-all. When it's time to work, it's time to work. No time for games. He's always been a bit of an underdog, so he tends to take up for them when he sees one.


Cyke-Main.jpg Cyclops Brother/Teammate Scott and Alex have not quite met.

Character Gallery

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