Hawkeye II
Hawkeye II
Portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence
Full Name Katherine (Kate) Elizabeth Bishop
Age 21
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Socialite
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Hawkeye! No, not that Hawkeye. The other Hawkeye. Of course there are two of them.


In her own name, Kate is known as a socialite who may not always have the best manners, but certainly knows how to have fun, and can always be counted on for a charitable cause. As Hawkeye, Kate is known as a driven, determined young woman who never lets a lack of powers stop her from doing what she thinks is right.


Kate is the daughter of publishing magnate Derek Bishop and his wife, humanitarian Eleanor Bishop. From an early age, Kate took after her mother, caring less about the family money than about what could be done with it. She volunteered in soup kitchens, women's shelters, anywhere she thought she could lend a hand. When she was in her early teens, she was attacked while passing through Central Park. She only ever told her therapist (of course she has a therapist, what society girl doesn't?), but from that time, she began training to defend herself and others, to take a more active role in her own life.

When her sister's high society wedding was interrupted by a gang of men holding them hostage, Kate helped free herself along with the costumed heroes who'd shown up for the rescue. It awoke a hunger for heroics in the girl, who fashioned herself a costume based on Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and others and started doing her part to make sure that no one suffered the way she had.

It didn't take long before her antics caught the attention of more mature heroes. Luckily for her, the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, was willing to take her under his wing. She trained with Barton, but continued to seek out her own heroic exploits.

Character Details

Kate is a hero, through and through. She believes in helping people who need it, protecting the weak, and stopping the villains. She's determined never to let a lack of powers stop her from doing what needs to be done, and she's not one to shy away from making a tough call. She's more of a leader than a follower, though she knows enough tactics to know when to take an order.


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Character Gallery


Justice League: Avengers Assemble!
February 28th, 2015: The JL:A assemble for a mission to Russia! (Follow-up Scene to Hawkeye's big announce before)
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Valentines Day Shopping
February 14, 2015: Kate and Kara go shopping, and run into the most interesting people at the most interesting store.
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Don't Call Me Princess
<February 10, 2015>: Kate Bishop and America Chavez meet for the first time… in this universe, at least.
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The Paradox Defense
February 05 2015: Fenris gives Kate a lesson in mental defense
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Posh Digs
February 5, 2015: Two Hawks and a Falcon start moving their stuff into the JL:A crash pad in Metropolis.
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Gotham Bank Job
February 4, 2015: With the Atlantean threat affecting Comms, the Gotham PD are under pressure and Gotham becomes more Gothamy
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The Paradox Lesson
February 02 2015:** Fenris intends to teach Kate how to keep her mind. He ends up grabbing Melinda May as well, sort of by accident.
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Solution is up in the air
February 01, 2015: The Hawkeyes brings Dr. Fitz up to the Watchtower in order to merge the files of the attack on HQ with the baseline files that the Watchtower has on the same area.
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Hiring freeze
January 31, 2015: Clint emerges from the UN Building, and he and Kate meet a possible applicant for SHIELD.
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Neverwhere Camping Trip
January 28 2015: Fenris, recovering in Neverwhere, finds himself suddenly hosting a camping trip. He doensn't mind.
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Selfie with a god
January 25, 2015: Kate Bishop and Loki have a pleasant discussion in Central Park. Fire and puppies may be involved.
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Security Breach: Upper Levels
January 24 2015: HYDRA targets the primary headquarters and research facility of SHIELD in a daring cross dimensional raid.
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Tree Farts
January 22, 2015: The SHIELD team in Maui unravels the mystery.
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No Boom Today
January 21, 2015: Boom tomorrow. Or in this case, yesterday. SHIELD investigates the explosions and other drone.
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Things that go Boom in the Night
January 21, 2015: Things start to get a little unstable out in Maui. (Language)
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Release the Drone
January 19, 2015: It's time this Maui party got a bit more high-tech.
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Wooden Acting
January 18,2015: Hill, Bishop, and Morse investigate a Koa lumber facility under cover.
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Bad Company
January 16, 2015: Kate and Hunter are bad influences on each other with the commiserating and the plotting.
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Threats and Theories
January 15, 2015: Kate and Bobbi discuss the mission, before it devolves into talking about Clint.
(log: 20150115-threats-and-theories | tags: hawkeye_ii maui mockingbird shield | posted: 16 Jan 2015 03:58)

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