Portrayed by Ron Perlman
Full Name Anung un Rama
Age 69
Height 8'1"
Build Gigantic
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black
Factions BPRD (a division of Stormwatch)
Occupation Paranormal problem-solver
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Hellboy has been kicking around behind the scenes in occult circles since the fifties, but the general public has no idea who he is.


On the one hand, mundane people and agencies who deal with the occult know Hellboy as a reliable (if occasionally messy) problem-solver. On the other, actual mystics see him as a being of incalculable power and danger, ineffectively masquerading as a man.


Hellboy, a demon destined to destroy the world, was summoned from the underworld by Nazi occultists and Grigori Rasputin at the height of World War II. The ceremony was interrupted by a team of Allied troops working in conjunction with the then-new Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Hellboy was raised by the BPRD over the next several decades, and eventually put to work fighting occult hazards that threatened civilization. In this capacity, he has worked with any number of costumed heroes, but while they go on to win praise and fame for foiling mustache-twirling fiends, Hellboy remains in the shadows being thrown around by tentacled slime monsters.

His personal history is something he has had to uncover himself over the course of several decades of investigation into the matter. His mother was Sarah Hughes, a witch and a descendant of an illegitimate child of King Arthur. His father is a demon of considerable power who seeks to turn Earth into a new circle of Hell. Both lines of descent offer him grand, foretold destinies that he has no interest whatsoever in fulfilling.

Character Details

Hellboy really, really wishes he could be an average guy. He's not.


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Character Gallery


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