Portrayed by Tori Higginson
Full Name Kathye Hauser
Age 40
Height 5'7"
Build Slight
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions Gotham City SRD
Occupation Coroner
Alignment Civilian

Claim to Fame

Coroner to the stars— er.. to the SRD!


She's tenatious in her work, always wanting to know the truth, no matter how bizarre it must be (or seem to her superiors). Compassion sits beneath the veneer of professionalism; she's had to set her emotions aside plenty of times, but to see the suffering of those metas/mutants?


Her story isn't very exceptional, really. Grew up in a two parent household, a mother Renata (housewife) and father John Hauser in the heart of American- Minnesota. Went to school, made friends, scuffled with kids who weren't, fell down and skinned her knee a few times, not to mention her pride.

Father was a doctor, little single practice in a little town. He was the only one there to witness the death of a mutant… and the only one to truly recognize that -that- is what it was, thanks to is own coming to terms of the 'specialness' of his daughter (which he still has a hard time believing). Coming home and bearing the news to his family of his extraordinary experience that one evening, Kathye was marked by it, moved by it, and decided at the age of 13 that she'd finally found the direction that beckoned her. It wasn't swimming, it wasn't softball… it was medicine of the strangest sort.

Medical school, Internships in NYC… all prepared her for that 'normal' practice, but it was the trauma departments of the various cities (most notably Gotham) that truly gave her that taste of what it was to be a meta— from the inside out. She did make it her life's work, and she was ultimately recognized for it by being hired by the Special Response Division… and now? She has her own department, and her own staff. (And rolly chair!)

Character Details

Armed with a dry wit, Kathye may seem standoffish at some times, aloof at others when at work, but always professional. (She's good at what she does!)


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