Howard Stark
Howard Stark
Portrayed by Dominic Cooper
Full Name Howard Stark
Age 32 (98)
Height 5'8"
Build Short and well-built.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions To be determined.
Occupation Founder of Stark Industries
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Founder of Stark Industries and father of Tony Stark.


Charismatic, brilliant, a cad and an egotist. Also supposed to be dead.


Millionaire. Industrialist. Playboy. Genius. Everything that his son Tony would go on to be, Howard was first. Together with his working-class father, he founded Stark Industries. Given the state of conflict of the world, it was only natural that he focused his genius on matters of national defense. He was part of the Manhattan Project and developed weaponry for the allies. After the war, he helped found SHIELD, an organization dedicated to protecting humanity from things it neither knows about, nor properly understands.
He lived the playboy life through most of his adulthood, but even playboys get played out. He married the younger Maria Carbonell in the late 60s, and they had a son, Tony. His relationship with his son was always a mixture of pride and friction. He never quite learned how to relate to his son, and except for the occasional photo op and meeting of minds on projects, they had a very arms-length relationship.
One of Howard's projects for SHIELD was the Life Model Decoy. Although he was very involved in SHIELD, the business of running Stark Industries took up much of his time later in life. He still had time for pet projects. (such as the LMDs), although in truth, he should have spent that free time with his family. He and Maria had been living separate lives for years and were husband and wife in name (and charity fundraiser event) only.
Howard worked on the LMD project in a hidden lab that was not listed under Stark Industries' assets. The project was incredibly secret. It involved creating nanobot-powered duplicates that the subject could control from afar. These duplicates would be able to pass medical scanners, retina scans, fool telepaths and even mimic real injury.
For the prototype, Howard modeled the LMD after his younger self. That was part out of vanity, and partly because if the LMD ever fell into the wrong hands, they would have a perfect duplicate of a very rich and very powerful man. By all accounts, the initial tests were a success.
Howard was, tragically, unable to continue tests. On the way back from a charity dinner, Maria and he were in a car accident. Both of them should have died then and there, but the last time Howard disconnected from the LMD, he did not disconnect completely. There was also a failsafe protocol that Howard had written but had not meant to activate that would upload the consciousness from a human into the LMD permanently should the human body be killed. The trauma of the accident activated that protocol. His body died, but his consciousness survived.
His consciousness, inside the LMD, has lain dormant in the secret lab for decades, waiting for someone to find it and reactivate him. The only people who knew the lab's location were his lab assistant, Bastian Long and Howard. Long was the target of an assassin only hours after Howard's car wreck. The death of Howard and Bastian set the LMD project back a year, which may have been the intent.

Character Details

Howard Stark is an industrialist, an innovator and a genius. Men like him are a boon to the world and a destructive force to those closest to him. He is driven, fiercely intelligent, competitive, egotistical, prone to addiction, and closed-off. If he sees a spark of greatness in anyone, he will push them in ways that can be considered unkind or even cruel. He is a patriot who believes wholeheartedly in the work that he does. He may have made weapons, but they were made to protect the US and save American lives. He has a near impossible time showing affection. He is a man who lives his life behind a mask. Despite his bad traits, he is also deeply charismatic and very well-spoken. He can be charming and disarming when he wants to be.


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