Portrayed by Ewan McGregor
Full Name Bruce Banner
Age 37
Height 6'0" (B) | 8'2"-10'6" (H)
Build Average (B), Titanically Muscled (H)
Eyes Green
Hair Brown (B), Black-Green (H)
Factions None
Occupation Scientist / Fugitive / Walking Disaster
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Bruce Banner is known as a scientist, MacArthur Grant recipient and ingenious thinker. Hulk is known as a destructive monster that's wreaked havoc and destruction in an unstoppable, if intermittent, rampage over the last five years.


Banner has great respect among his peers for his intellect, contributions to science and attention to detail. Since his little accident, Bruce has received a great deal of sympathy from fellow scientists, although the larger public has often questioned the way in which Banner pushed the limits of scientists and put the world at risk in the name of knowledge. Because of the destruction Hulk has committed, Banner also bears the weight of his alter ego's sins. Hulk, meanwhile, has become an international boogeyman and one of the true terrors of the heroic age. While some argue that Hulk has often fought against evil, the devastation left in his wake usually leaves little room for shades of grey. Both sides of this gamma-irradiated coin are, of course, wanted men and fugitives.


Bruce Banner endured an extraordinarily abusive childhood. His father's mental illness created chaos, constant beatings and, in time, the death of Bruce's mother at his father's hand. Finishing his developing years with impersonal relations, Bruce graduated high school at fourteen and received a full scholarship to Cal Tech, eventually pursuing graduate work at MIT to receive Ph.D.s in Particle Physics, Applied Nuclear Technology and Computer Programming and Systems all before he turned 24. Along the way, he covered up his blackouts and mental breaks, maintaining a mousy and unobtrusive exterior that hid the chaos within.

Government contracts and top secret projects followed, including Bruce's pet project of creating an infinite energy source utilizing gamma radiation. While fighting with a supervising general attempting to weaponize the project, an accident soaked Banner in high intensity gamma radiation. The resulting mutation freed Bruce's darkside, and the Hulk emerged, a massive monster erupting from Bruce's form in times of anger, pain, stress and fear. The two persona have warred for control, run from the government and battled monsters and soldiers alike. Spending years as a fugitive, Bruce attempted suicide innumerable times (Okay, he counted, 37), always to no avail. Tormented by guilt, Bruce has done a lot of soul searching amidst the wreckage. Where the future leads is unknown.

Character Details

Bruce Banner possesses multiple personalities, a result of genetic predisposition and a nightmarish upbringing. For most of that time, Bruce has been the dominant persona. Bruce buried his emotions deep inside himself (the seedling that eventually grew into Hulk), and projected scientific dispassion and objectivity. A stereotypical 'nerd', he was known for being awkward, socially inept and hyperfocused on his work. Years of the fugitive life and a great deal of introspection, however, have resulted in changes to Bruce's dominant personality. Years of fear, deprivation and self-hatred have pushed Bruce to the edge, creating a more fatalistic, chaotic and unpredictable Bruce Banner, a desperate man driven to desperate measures, most of his shy, self-effacing mask worn away.

The Hulk is a creature of pure passion, mostly manifested in the form of uncontrollable rage. Hulk's intellect is mostly housed in Banner, and so his intelligence is almost childlike, his language limited. Contrary to popular belief, Hulk is not constantly raging and screaming, and is capable of docile and even tender moments, although that side is usually reserved for children or perhaps someone Hulk came to truly trust. Hulk is paranoid, however, and constantly assumes humans and most especially Banner are out to get him and destroy him.


Image Name Relation Information
[image] Shift Associate Shift occasionally contacts Bruce when he's in need of scientific expertise or advice. He will also occasionally get Bruce to provide support or backup on missions, although Bruce usually does so reluctantly given the obvious risks of transformation involved. Still, Bruce wouldn't leave Shift out to dry, since Kwabena's the closest thing Bruce has to a friend.

Character Gallery


An Unlikely Duo
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The Smooth: Concoction
August 19, 2014: Bruce Banner delivers some findings based on his analysis of a 'smooth' sample. They also encounter Corvinus, who offers to join Kwabena's mission.
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The Smooth: A Drug Deal of Sorts
August 11, 2014: Shift tracks down (with a bit of help) an old acquaintance (of sorts), and asks Bruce Banner for help learning more about The Smooth
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The House Of Mystery: Pyramid Power
August 06 2014: Constantine and the House gather a grab bag of adventurers to recover a scroll from a pharaoh's tomb.
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You Ain't My Mother
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You Shook Me All Night Long
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Do Not Annoy Mister Green
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STEM is So Exciting!
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Doctor Grindlewelt's Blackmail
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Clash Of The Titans
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If there is a skylight, it must be broken
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