Portrayed by Chandler Massey
Full Name Theodore Rufus Altman
Age 18
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic (Teddy) | TeenHulk (Hulkling)
Eyes Grey
Hair Blond (usually)
Factions none
Occupation College Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Metropolis University student, Hero Wannabe


Skilled athlete at Metropolis University, Wrestling and Gymnastics; Academic scholarship.


Some people get to have good lives, but most of us have ordinary lives. That was me, for a while.

My dad died before I was born. My Mom always said he was a great guy but it was sometimes like he was someone she didn't really know that well. Like they got married too suddenly. So I spent a lot of time alone when I was growing up. My grandparents were all dead. My Mom worked, so I had a sitter, or I was in day care sometimes. And when I was like seven years old, I found out that I had a secret. I had powers. I could change myself — change my shape, that is. I was going to ask my Mom about it, but she got all solemn and sat me down at the kitchen table. "Teddy," she said, "we move a lot, and I'm sorry that you haven't had a chance to make friends. So it's important to be normal, not to stand out too much, or people will be jealous or think you're strange. I know this is a hard thing, but, I want you to be like the people around you, so you can fit in better."

You might think that's a really weird thing to say, to tell your kid not to stand out or be exceptional. But I realized none of my friends could change - and there was the news, the TV guys going on about the evil mutant terrorists and I just, well, decided to keep quiet, until I understood things better. Besides, Mom made it a game for a while - see how well I could pick up on what other people were doing, how they acted, and blend in. It was really easy.

So that's how I learned that I wasn't normal … and everyone said that people should be normal, it was BETTER to be normal. I knew that normal was a lie. Everyone was different, in lots of ways. But there were commonalities, too. You can't BE normal. You can be typical.

I kept my secret until high-school, didn't try to fit in or stand out, just blend in. But then we moved, and I was starting in a new place, and I decided, why not be one of the popular kids for a change. They had their own "normal" after all. Besides, I had just found another power. I was really strong, like pick up cars and throw them strong. Definitely not normal. And then there was the other way I wasn't normal. I wasn't just a mutant. I was a "deviant" too. I liked guys. A lot. And not girls. They were cool, I mean, some of them were good friends, but they didn't do anything for me.

There was this guy I admired. Greg Norris. He was everything that defined cool. He was a jock - captain of the basketball team - and he was built, he was good looking, and smart and he had that natural charisma. He was even president of the student council. Yeah, I had a crush on him. The guy was perfect. I decided to get into his clique. So I changed myself … got taller, grew muscles, sharpened up my jaw. Over the course of a month, so it looked like a growth spurt. They accepted me as one of them … and I cheated a little. Used my super-strength to make up for lack of skill, but it didn't take me long at all until I had the real skills. I went into Wrestling, Basketball, Football. He became my best friend.

And after one game I showed Greg what I could do … I turned into his twin. He was surprisingly OK with this. We ended up in a relationship, dating, Freud was slightly involved, but I thought it was a good one. But then it went sour. It wasn't just that he wanted me to be other people, famous people, to get away with stuff. He wanted me to help him steal things with my power. I said no. He threatened to expose me as a mutant. And, derp, finally I realized that this guy who I really admired, the first guy I admitted to myself that I had a crush on… was an ass. So I turned into something scary, and stared him in the eye and told him if he didn't leave me alone, if he ever told anyone, I'd eat his head and replace him and nobody would know, and it would be better for him to forget everything strange about me. It was incredibly corny, like bad TV show corny, but it worked. The next time we ran into each other, he acted like we were just teammates after that, like he'd really forgotten what I could do. And he'd forgotten our relationship - the next day he started dating Chelsea Addams. So much for teenagers in love.

So I focussed on my grades and wrestling and gymnastics, and before I really expected it, I graduated, so I decided to go to Metropolis University — I had an academic scholarship and a good chance to get on one of their sports teams, I could try out for football, not as QB but maybe I'd bulk up a bit and play fullback, but then the Wrestling coach pretty much drafted me onto the second string team, and I considered adding gymnastics or something. He was OK with that, but not football — too many conflicts.

Mom transferred her job there — some people might call her just a little clingy, but at the end of the day, we were all the family we had. I promised to visit her at her apartment on weekends and she'd call me twice a week to check up. She still remembered that I had been with Greg, but she never asked why we stopped. I guess "my EX-boyfriend is a cross between a pinworm and a body louse" was explanation enough.

So I was open to meeting new people at college. And so far, there's a plenitude of luscious, tanned, toned jock types, but they're all "culture of 'phobes" and I don't want to stand out for being the combative gay athlete, especially since I have to limit myself to being just good, not super. But I did meet some really cool guys in the dorm. There's this one guy, who is just … well, I can't call him pretty, because he'd be hurt, but he is. He's got this perfect black hair, and his eyes are brown but not like mud, more like there's too many colors in there to show all at once. And he's not a jock but I wouldn't kick him out of bed. And he reads comics too, and he's a fan of real life superheroes.


I think I feel another crush coming on. I wonder if he would mind dating a super-hero wannabe.

Character Details

Teddy's a mutt - a cross between Kree and Skrull with just a faint hint of human from his father's side - and as a result he's got the Kree assertiveness, and the Skrull need to blend, in a generally stable balance. He's gay, but he's also figured out that there are ways to blend in as human even with that relatively uncommon trait. He's always been a bit of a geek, the fanboy is strong in him, and despite becoming a Jock in high school he is actually attending college with (some) help from an academic scholarship rather than an athletic scholarship. He's something of a romantic, something of a stoic, and a social chameleon, except that his 'main persona' is a young college kid who has aspirations of heroism and a strong sense of honor and right-and-wrong.


Image Name Relation Information
chris-colfer-august-man-february-2013-exclusive-02.jpg Billy Kaplan Friend (+?) Beginning crush and hopeful more than that.
Kim-Raver-as-dr-teddy-altman-25664237-395-600.jpg Sarah Altman (foster) Mother Unnamed cousin of Super-Skrull who was "Dorrek's" nursemaid. Teddy thinks she's his Mom.


Hulkling was created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. Heinberg was also a producer on Grey's Anatomy, where (sources suggest) he created a female character, Dr. Theodora "Teddy" Altman, M.D., portrayed by actress Kim Raver. Her appearance is suspiciously close to Hulkling's foster mother.

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