Human Torch
Human Torch
Portrayed by Justin Hartley
Full Name Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm
Age 23
Height 5'10"
Build Slim Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Factions Fantastic Four
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Flame On!


As the Human Torch, Johnny has a fan following. As racer Johnny Storm, he also has a fan following. There is some overlap. Not to mention his social media channels. It's not a secret identity, after all, but if he puts on civilian clothes and sunglasses, Johnny can go relatively unnoticed some of the time.


A hand moves away from the camera and reveals a young, good looking blond man, like many, many others you find on YouVid — although this one, at least, isn't completely naked. Because it's not THAT kind of a video, thank you very much.

"So, I'm Johnny Storm, you may have heard of me. I have a list of questions from my subscribers, so let's get started."
He looks at an index card, reading out loud, "What was it like when you were growing up?"

He smiles a bit wistfully, blue eyes focusing past the camera.

"So, my father was Dr. Franklin Storm - you probably don't know about him, but he was a surgeon, and he invented some really amazing surgical devices that I have no idea what they do. My Mom, Mary Richards, well, she looked like the total trophy wife, but she invested all the money from what Dad made, and … well, basically, she's the reason we were really well off. But she died in a car wreck and that was bad and Dad fell apart the next year which was bad, so we went to live with my aunt who is awesome. The end."

He looks at the next card. "What got you interested in race driving?"

He leans back, stretching. A bit of fan-service, maybe, that's a pretty tight tee-shirt he's wearing.

"When I was in high school, I kinda got into trouble a lot. My counselor said I needed to do something to deal with my anger issues over Mom dying and then Dad going down the tubes. Which I will not talk about, so don't twurp to ask me about it. Anyway, I chose Race Driving. Auto shop was awesome. I built my first drag racer there. Yes, frodo@twurp, I do know that car racing is supposed to be my self-destructive tendencies trying to overcome my guilt at Mom dying by going out the same way she did. What. Ever. I like to go fast. Next question."

He leans forward again, and does a fancy card-flippy thing to bring up the third index card. "How did you get your powers?"

"Guys, I have TOLD you this one, but, what the ever, you must like how I tell it or something. OK, this is a longer story."

He leans back a little, hands behind his head.

"Sue got her inheritance when she turned 18, and put it to work right off. She had Mom's gift for investing and stuff — ok, skills, she studied hard. When I got mine, I gave her half of it to take care of for me. This is tradition, I've been doing it since we first went trick-or-treating; she gets half of my stuff so I'll still have it later. You should all have a sister as awesome as mine."

He stares into the distance again. "Anyway. I spent the half I had pretty fast, but it was an investment. My first two race cars, two racing bikes, and a jet boat. Things were a leeetle tight until I won and placed in a couple races, then it started getting better, a lot better. Money was good but more important, I was making my name. But then Sue called me with this invitation to ride in a space-ship."

Johnny points at the ceiling with his index finger, which bursts into flame. A little fiery rocket-ship launches out of the flame, somehow flying around without burning out. "A space ship. What can I say? Yes, of course. So it turns out the potential boyfriend is a brain trust of his own. Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor — how many PhDs does the guy have? A dozen? Overachiever. Anyway, Reed Richards." His voice rises with excitement, "Who had a freakin' AWESOME … wait, calm down. Breathe. OK. Who had an experimental spaceship and his idea of a date was to invite my sister to fly into space to observe some kind of space thing. So she invited me along since going into space alone with two guys she wasn't even related to? Not happening."

The little spaceship of flame starts orbiting Johnny's head, and a spinning oblong wispy flame launches from the still-flaming index finger, moving toward the ship.

"So anyway, Reed turns out to be a decent guy for a total nerd case, and his pilot Ben - the guy took himself too seriously for my tastes. But our little trip went weird. We got into orbit fine, and it was turning out to be a pretty awesome trip before the space thing blortched - that's a technical term - it blortched weird radiation all over us. Reed says the green rod-looking bolt things were an optical illusion and the cosmic rays weren't really visible. I say whatever they were it felt like having a sunburn through your whole body."

Little sparks - green sparks - spit from the whirling wisp of fire, and flash through the fire-rocket, and it turns green for a moment.

"So that was a date-killing moment, and besides the ship wasn't happy so Ben managed to kick on the retro-rockets and tried to pilot us to a safe landing." The flaming green rocket ship slams into Johnny's suddenly interposed palm, and crumples. He dissolves the fiery images.

"Of course, we all lived, and we each came out of it with a totally awesome power, except Ben who turned into a pet rock. OK, now I'll take real questions from my Twurple feed. Not from you, frodo."

Character Details

Johnny has a bit of a temper, which is why he was nicknamed "Hothead" - but on top of that, he's known to selectively ignore any social nicety that doesn't suit his needs at the moment. Usually, that's 'do not flirt blatantly' but it can extend to other things - as long as it's not overtly breaking the law. He's self-confident to a fault, which often is translated as "brash". But he isn't stupid or unthinking; he knows it when he's stepping on someone's toes, metaphorically or physically. This also comes off as egotistical. Whatever.

He is perhaps too fond of practical jokes, especially on Ben Grimm, but he is careful not to go overboard. He figures Ben needs to be distracted from his moody, grumpy, mopey, and the other four dwarves, attitude.

He's also somewhat addicted to speed, thrills, and when his flirting pays off, recreational interpersonal interactions. But that's only when he isn't in a real relationship; if he's with someone, he's almost stupidly loyal. And assumes they are too.


Image Name Relation Codename Image Name Relation Codename
2n021y8.jpg Victor von Doom Big Jerk Doctor Doom 2njefwx.jpg H.E.R.B.I.E. Robot Butler H.E.R.B.I.E.
fl9f07.jpg Susan Storm Big Sister Invisible Woman Miss%20America%201.png America Chavez Just BFF's Miss America
medium.jpg Reed Richards chose his own name Mister Fantastic 5e69fl.jpg Ben Grimm Pet Rock Thing


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