Ibn al Xu'ffasch
Ibn al Xu'ffasch / Robin
Portrayed by Ezra Miller
Full Name Damian Wayne
Age 18
Height 5'11"
Build Thin
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Bat-Family
Occupation Vigilante / Trust Fund Kid
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul was raised under mysterious circumstances and has only recently come to Gotham. Little is known about him, so of course this makes him a mystery to be solved. | | As for Ibn al Xu'ffasch, he is a new face on Gotham's vigilante scene. He seems to have ties to Batman, but the exact details remain unclear.




18 years ago, Damian Wayne was born to his mother Talia al Ghul under mysterious circumstances. His grandfather, Ra's al Ghul claimed him to be the descendant of the most worthy man on the face of the planet, Bruce Wayne, but for many years Damian did not know what that meant. The Devil's Head put him through rigorous training with little time for social niceties. The mental, physical, and emotional abuse he was put under was rationalized as a way to make him stronger and to become the ultimate weapon. The training certainly had an effect on his efficacy in combat. Ra's also trained him with direct, differentiated education, where he performed well in mathematics, sciences, reading, and several languages.

Still, from somewhere a greater sense of good pervaded his conscience. Finally, at age 18, whether allowed to or through his own moxie, Damian escaped the middle east and his grandfather and set out in search of the real man that his mother had spoken so highly of. The trip eventually took him to Gotham where he audaciously approached Wayne Manor, informed the butler of his true identity, handed over a bottle of his blood for testing, and began making himself at home. Within a week he had removed the 'shrine' Bruce had kept to Jason Todd and had begun using the costume as his own. Peculiarly he discusses himself as Robin, but only in the third person, which causes confusion because there is already a different Robin. Nevertheless, the young man seems hell bent on justice, though his methods often times bring him into conflict with others.

Character Details

Damian is a strong willed, cantankerous young man hell bent on his own brand of justice and without remorse or empathy for those he considers obstacles. He is ruthless with his hands, sword, and mouth, looking only to please his father and with little care of the feelings of others. Robotic and intense he can be considered annoying, off putting, and even scary.


Image Name Relation Information
Fracture.jpg Veruca Steklo My Choice


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Character Gallery


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