Portrayed by Shawn Ashmore
Full Name Robert L. Drake
Age 22
Height 5'8"
Build Trim
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions X-Men: Red
Occupation Physicist, Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

About the closest Bobby has ever come to fame - outside that one incident - was graduating Magna Cum Laude from UCLA. He's known to his employers as a bright physicist, though not a genius by any means, and does pretty competent lab work.


Bobby is a relative unknown outside his hometown in Ft. Washington, NY and his reputation there is a bit stained, for it was there that he was violently mugged with a childhood friend and subsequently nearly killed by a lynch mob. Outside that small place, though, he's just a young guy with a hard science degree and an easy smile who happens to be a mutant if you know enough to ask. Most don't.


Publicly Available Dossier
Name: Robert 'Bobby' Drake
Codename: Iceman
Born: April 5th, 1992 (Age 22)
Abilities: Cryogenisis
Team Role: Scientific Analysis, Crowd Control
Nationality: US Citizen
Likes: Science, Escrima, Hockey
Dislikes: Norse Trickster Gods, French Roast Coffee, Frozen Puns not made by Me.

Born to William and Madeline Drake in a small burgh just outside New York (so small it didn’t have a proper school), Robert “Bobby” Drake went undiagnosed as a latent mutant and grew up relatively normal except for a noted tendency to ‘run a bit cool’ whenever he had doctor’s appointments or checkups. His childhood was as normal as such things ever are in modern day America, a typical small town story of hanging out with friends, going to school and wishing to be a part of the wider world outside of the insular little world that all small towns are to one degree or another.

Bobby got his wish when he turned 18, his grades had earned him a place at UCLA. Excited and nervous the way all young men that age are, Bobby packed off to the big city. Once he got over the culture shock, the kid from Fort Washington found he fit in quite well amid the hustle and bustle of
the campus. It was perfect.

And so, it could not last.

At the end of the first year Bobby was home for the summer and visiting family and old friends. Even small towns have some problems and in an alley near the town diner, he and his childhood friend Judy Harmon were violently mugged. It might have gotten worse from there, but the sudden physical and emotional stress shocked his mutant nature uncontrollably to the fore, encasing their attacker in a block of ice. Judy was scared out of her wits. The mugger narrowly avoided freezing to death.

And then it did get worse. Tensions between man and mutant had always run kind of high under the surface in the little town and the incident was all it took them to bring them boiling violently to the surface. In under an hour a literal lynch mob had formed and broken into his house. It was only the providential arrival of the local sheriff with an actual honest to God posse that saved his life. Even then, the sheriff had to take him into protective custody.

News travels fast in the right circles and so when the Sheriff released Bobby two days later with quiet advice to get out of town quick and go back to LA, a representative from Xavier’s school was waiting for him. The offer was fairly simple, come spend some time at the school and learn how to be a bit more in control so this doesn’t happen again. Thoroughly rattled by the whole ordeal, he accepted.

He spent a total of eight weeks there. It was the middle of summer and most of the student population was away. At the end of that time he was offered a more permanent place there, but declined politely in favor of finishing his time at UCLA. He returned to California, buried himself in his studies and never went back to Fort Washington again… but he never forgot those who came to help him on the worst day of his life.

Three years later, after graduating with honors, he’d taken a job with an energy R and D corporation, there being a lot of application in the energy sector for an intimate knowledge of how energy, particularly thermal energy, flows from one place to another and what happens when things get hot or cold. Being back in the area has brought his memories of his time at Xavier’s flooding back. The thought’s been growing in the back of his mind that maybe he can give something back – help, teach, maybe even learn a bit more…

Character Details

Bobby is in most ways just a more mature version of his high school self. He still enjoys a beer with his friends, nights out on the town and having a good time just about as much as he did when he was girl watching at the diner with his friends Johnny and Pete. In fact one thing that hasn’t changed appreciably over the years is the fact that a cute face goes a very, very long way with him.

These days of course, it’s not quite the same. His experiences have given him a hard and wary edge and an icy temper that he didn’t have before. Upset him and he’s more than capable of giving your average Joe a very bad night. For all that though, mostly he’s still just whose always ready with a smile and hand to lend to whatever needs be done at the moment.


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