Portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
Full Name Bartholomew Henry Allen II
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Amber
Hair Auburn
Factions None
Occupation Cycle Responder
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

I was born in 2980. Early on, there were complications, so I was sent back in time, where I could learn and grow. My name is Bart Allen and I'm the Fastest Man Alive. I am Impulse.


Among his colleagues, Bart is known as the fastest man on two wheels. To the rest of the world, he's the fastest man alive.


Bartholomew Henry Allen II was born in 2980 to Donald Allen and Meloni Thawne. Bart was so named in memory of his grandfather, who sadly perished before his father was born. He may not have known his grandfather, but his grandmother ensured that Bart would know that he was a hero and the fastest man alive. Being the scion of two speedster families, Bart was hardly slow himself. In fact, he was too fast. He grew at a phenomenal rate, maturing physically, but not mentally. If left unchecked, he would surely develop a mental disorder.

So he was placed in a neural-interactive simulation, where his mind could develop as fast as his body was. But that still didn't work. It gave him a semblance of a normal life, but he continued to rapidly mature physically. After an exhaustive search for answers, he would be sent back in time, where he could learn to control his power from some of the greatest speedsters who ever lived. It worked, and his aging began to slow to a more reasonable rate.

He was given the nickname Impulse, though it was not meant as a compliment. But he embraced it, made it his own. If he was going to be Impulse, he would be the best Impulse he could be. He adventured, he studied, he made friends, and life was good. But then he had to find a job. After all, he couldn't be a delivery boy forever, so he went into medicine to become a Cycle Responder.

Officially, he won't be born for the better part of a millennia. But he's already convinced that he may not be from the future of this universe. While some of it is the same, he's already noticed a number of discrepancies. Some people don't look like he expected them to, and others haven't acted as he thought they would. Could he have been misled? It's possible, but it's far more likely that he's found himself in a brand new world, not just a new era.

His name is Bart Allen and he is the fastest man alive. He is Impulse.

Character Details

Bart is a nice guy. He is kind to strangers, considerate of other people's feelings, and tries to help out whenever he can. He makes friends easily, can be quite charming, and is very funny. He is just an all around nice guy.

There is a mature side to him. He knows the legacy that he's a part of and he takes it very seriously. He tries to represent those who came before him, and those who are yet to come, with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

But at his core, he is impulsive. A lot of the time, he acts without thinking. He may look older, and he may try to act older, but he's still a kid. He loves to play, to explore, and to learn. Life's just a game to him.

He's often witty and he can be a real charmer. He has one of those infectious personalities. It takes hard work and dedication for someone to remain upset when he's around. He's just so full of life and energy. He's Mr. Sunshine.


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