Iron Man
Iron Man
Portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.
Full Name Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark
Age 42
Height 6'1"
Build Svelte, Sensual
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Avengers
Occupation CEO, Avenger, Playboy, Consultant, Iron Man
Alignment Unlikely Hero

Claim to Fame

Tony Stark is Iron Man. It ran in all the national newspapers and online news outlets. Also he's the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, a triple A celebrity and periodically people acknowledge that he's a philanthropist.


That's a mixed bag. Some people recognize that he's trying to turn his life around and help that were harmed by his companies weapons and others only see that he still acts like a child with a giant bank account. Depending on who you ask he might be a saint or a demon.


Tony Stark was born to Howard and Maria Stark. Early in his life he showed extraordinary talents in technology and a mind sharp enough to grasp complex ideas as easily as a crossword puzzle. When his father died, Tony took over as CEO of Stark Industries creating weapons on a defense contract of the US Government. His ideas grew increasingly more intricate, often to the great joy of those to whom he sold these weapons, and more sophisticated. It was during one of the demonstrations that his world was irreversibly changed.

While in the middle east demonstrating his newest line of missiles to the defense department, Tony was kidnapped and held hostage by nationalist interested in having the weapon built for their own nefarious goals. A landmine explosion left small slivers of metal creeping towards his heart, Tony took the parts provided him to develop the weapon and created instead an arch reactor capable of powering a magnet that kept the metal from piercing his heart. Also capable of powering a suit of armor that he used to escape captivity.

Once he returned home he changed the direction of Stark Industries away from weapons, much to the disdain of the Government and stockholders. Instead focusing on clean energy, robotics, and defense projects while secretly creating the Iron Man defense platform. After using it to destroy a international terrorist organization, Tony revealed that he was the man behind the iron mask to the national news.

Since he has continued to expand on the suit, his company, and attempts to put his life back into something like normalcy. He's only human, rich, hedonistic and probably a little nuts, but… that's life..

Character Details

Deep down, Tony wants to do the right thing. He sat blindly by while his weapons harmed people around the world, living by the adage that war is going to happen… so at least he's creating weapons that do the least amount of collateral damage humanly possible. Once he saw it first hand, he changed his opinion drastically.

He clings to people and relies on them entirely too much. He hides his emotions, fears, and failings with alcohol and depression. He battles constantly with doubt, fears and apathy.

He parties a lot to give off the impression that everything is super good in Stark World.

He's broken and really looking for a way to put himself back together.


Image Name Relation Information
Gwyneth_Paltrow_Iron_Man_Wallpaper_cropped.jpg Pepper Potts Personal Assistant Pepper is Tony's long suffering Personal Assistant. Despite the handful he is, Pepper is his right hand and remains loyal.
rhodey-im-iron-man-1790053343.jpg Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes U.S. Air Force Rhodey is Tony's best friend and go-to guy. If one is getting up to something, chances are the other won't be far behind.


MTV: Music Video
Radio: Radio Free Stark
On Stage: Singing With Sting

Character Gallery


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