Jacky Diamond
Jacky Diamond
Portrayed by Ryan Scheckler
Full Name John Joseph Winters
Age 18
Height 6'0"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions X-Men
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

High school graduate? Maybe I'll do something BIG later …


Known at the Xavier Institute as the kid who plays guitar at lunch, and for the diamond form. Not really known in the outside world (yet).


John Joseph "Jacky" Winters was born 18 years ago. (Well, OK, May 4th, 1996 to be precise.)
He wasn't a remarkable kid, and his folks were just folks, but they loved their kid. They didn't love their parents though - Jacky didn't know his grandparents, who disapproved mightily of the marriage, but it didn't matter. He thought they were dead.

And then when he was ten years old, his parents were killed in a mudslide that tore away and utterly destroyed their home. There wasn't anything left. The family wasn't wealthy - there were no large bank accounts, no inheritance, but the state managed to retrieve a birth certificate from records and entered Jacky into the Foster Care system. He spent the rest of the year with a family from the same town, but they were ill-equipped to deal with the boy's grief and confusion, and he was taken to a larger city where there were counselors who could help with the trauma and where there was a wider pool of foster families available.

He went through several families over the next four years - the first was an abusive situation, with too many children, indifferent but strict foster parents, and an investigation that got all of them reassigned. The second was a family that couldn't have children - and they liked Jacky but couldn't qualify to adopt, and he was rotated on to another family, again one where they were not particularly nurturing, and moderately abusive. This lasted until the next investigation, and then the mother's compulsive gambling got them de-listed, so Jacky went on to what he considered the best of his foster families: the Jonassens were relatively well off, had no more than three foster kids at a time, and worked hard to ensure that the kids placed with them were given not just education and care, but also that they learned something artistic - sculpting, painting, music - and Jacky was given a guitar and taught to play, at age thirteen. He kept it up, because he discovered that he could make friends by playing - notably, girls liked boys who play guitar. When the Jonassens were forced to move due to job pressures, they were only able to take the two youngest of their foster-kids. (They still keep in touch with Jacky.) This left fifteen-year-old Jacky back in the foster-care system.

Older kids sometimes have trouble getting placement in the foster care system. Jacky was placed with a somewhat less than optimal family, intended to be an interim family, but strangely, there wasn't anything wrong with their relationship, even though other foster kids had complained of neglect and privation. They appeared to dote on Jacky and his younger foster-sister, giving them a generous allowance and spending time with them. This raised suspicion on the part of the family services group - what had caused this marginal foster care home to change?

When the next inspection came, it was pretty clear. Jacky had the parents wrapped around his little finger - they couldn't, literally could NOT, say anything bad about him. This raised a flag and the follow-up inspector visit was from someone who had special training. She sent a note to a contact, which after a month led to a visit from a representative from the Xavier Institute, who informed Jacky that he was a mutant, and that he'd need special training, and oh, by the way, stop 'pushing' his foster-parents to be so out-of-character because it was illegal, and besides it could hurt them. That the representative told him this by telepathy was the main reason he agreed to it. He finished the winter term out at his current school, and was transferred to the Xavier Institute when he was sixteen.

But a few days before he could leave for there, one of his friends at school showed him the "nifty thing he found" - a cobalt-60 slug which the kid had lifted from a highway department scanner truck which had been accidentally forgotten by the road. (True story. Happens more often than it should.)

As a result, by the time he reached the school, Jacky's hands were already turning into diamond, and he was surprisingly OK with that.

After a settling-in period Jacky was trained to control his mental powers and to control the diamond-change, though he tends to be very slightly diamond most of the time anyway.
And after two years at Xavier's Institute (much more intense than ordinary high school), he's ready to begin college coursework at the Xavier Institute, hoping maybe even to learn to be an X-Man.

Character Details

Jacky was in the foster system for too long. There's some damage, because it was pretty hard losing his parents at age ten, and spending a lot of time with people who didn't really care about him until he got older and he could PUSH them to care about him… well, that was grounds for some cynicism because he knew it was forced.
He's learned from Scott Summers' example that foster care doesn't mean you have to be a damage case forever, and he's become fiercely loyal to his teachers and to the school; he learned that being a diamond means you can trade on your beauty, and that it's perfectly fine to use whatever stray thoughts people leave lying out in the open. He doesn't push too hard on that - because he has to work hard and actually touch someone to capture actual thoughts instead of impressions and images. If he thought about it too hard he'd have to conclude that it's unethical, but he doesn't want to give it up.

He's slightly hedonistic - he loves partying, and annoyingly sometimes, he doesn't mind fighting, even when he loses. But he's also very protective of kids and the helpless, because he had to be the protector so often.

He's a fair student - conscientious more from necessity than from love of learning, but he also doesn't want to be homeless or to have to depend on others without making his own contribution as well. The things he studies hardest are music and the animal husbandry course he took to improve his job rating at the veterinarian's office he works at - both of these because he actually enjoys them.


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Jacky is Jack of Diamonds, heavily modified. He's been marked as 'NPC' for now so the character info doesn't get wiped out, but he is actually adoptable, or an alternate version could be brought into the game (probably dimensional traveler or something like that.)

For now I'm using Ryan Scheckler as actor, but not his tattoos. The ink looks really stupid on diamond skin.

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