Pres. James Pershing
President of the United States
Portrayed by George Clooney
Full Name Progressive Party (Missouri)
Age 52
Height 6'2"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Greying
Factions United States of America
Occupation Federal Worker
Alignment POTUS

Claim to Fame

James Pershing is the 45th President of the United States


A fiscal and social liberal, Pershing built his political career first as a populist candidate for the Governor's chair in Missouri. After two terms, he became Washington Abbott's Vice Presidential nominee


President Pershing rode Washington Abbott's after the latter's 8 year term, and at the midway point of his first four years he has struggled to gain a foothold. Besieged by a sluggish economy and the idea that he is 'soft' on international issues, Pershing has been forced to make concessions such as naming Tomorrow Party members to key cabinet positions. While Abbott had an extremely close relationship with popular superheroes, the President has had a more tenuous relationship and has vacillated between acceptance and measures which might lead to a more 'documented' superhero and mutant community.

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