Janet Van Dorn
Gotham City District Attorney
Portrayed by Cassidy Freeman
Full Name Janet Van Dorn
Age 33
Height 5'7"
Build Slim-ish
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions Fair
Occupation Gotham City District Attorney
Alignment Good

Claim to Fame

District Attorney of Gotham City. The honest DA, too. Incorruptible. Unbribable.


She's known for being unflappable and stone-cold in the courtroom. She's also known for never taking a bribe and never backing down from a challenge. She picks he rbattles, but she's a watchword for honesty in Gotham City.


Janet grew up in Gotham City as the daughter of one of the very few honest cops in Gotham before Gordon was the commissioner. He didn't have many friends on the force outside Gordon himself, which is one reason Janet learned self-defense so early. She was always a scrappy kid, and one who saw Jim Gordon as something like a favorite uncle.

She always had a strong sense of justice and a great drive for making her city a better place. Her father talked her out of becoming a cop: she had a mind for greater things, he said, and he encouraged her to go to college. She was always both intelligent and studious, ending up graduating with high honors from Harvard Law while interning at the Gotham City DA's office until she returned to be an Assistant DA. She had her choice of firms that would have paid her well into the six figures to start, but she felt an obligation to her hometown. She took over as DA after the last one was removed, and it's proved tough going. She's no friend to the vigilantes of Gotham, and she's pushed more than once for Batman to be found and arrested. Even so, she's not quite sure about the current leadership of Gotham — the strongarm tactics of Commissioner Yindel are sincerely concerning.

Character Details

Professionally, Janet is pretty uncompromising when it comes to crime. She isn't hateful or bigoted; she truly believes that the only decent way forward for Gotham is through the law. She's a workaholic and utterly dedicated to making Gotham a better place. Outside the office, if you can get her there, she's friendly and genial if occasionally a little chilly. She is quite capable of dressing with elegance and rubbing elbows with the elite, but she's far happier eating bad Chinese food and working in her garden or chatting with old friends.


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