Jay Donohue
The Jay
Portrayed by Dylan Farrow
Full Name Jay Donohue
Age 18(30)
Height 4'6"
Build Short Toothpick
Eyes Slitted Golden
Hair Copper Gold
Factions None
Occupation Custodian
Alignment Confusing Neutral

Claim to Fame

None yet




In the Old Days, a changeling would often be left behind, a sickly child the Fae could not (or would not) raise. The child that was taken as 'payment' typically speaking would never be heard from again. It is usually presumed to be mythology, old stories that even some of the learned of the occult discard as at best highly impractical and perhaps legendry grown up around sickly children to soothe the hearts and minds of parents in a pre-scientific Age.

Child abductions happen every day now in this modern age, and after a few weeks or possibly even months, all but the most devoted loved ones stop searching… and eventually even they give up hope.

These two facts by themselves are highly coincidental, and would typically have no bearing with each other save for the intervention of denziens of Otherworld.

The walls between worlds are sometimes weak, and when the Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs, strange things can happen. It happened in 1984, when they reached the National League Championships, only to fall to the Padres of San Diego. In the media fall-out afterwards, the disappearance of one child simply… failed to make the news.

In the magical land, a child was taken, raised to be a proper servant. She was twisted, turned, adapted for the needs of the land and the nobility therein. It was very much a way of life for this darker section of Otherworld, and accepted as general practice. After all, weren't they providing a much better and longer life than those primitive apes who had not even learned how to See things properly?

This may have gone on for untold millennia and lost for all time save for the re-opening of the door in 2003. And the shapers of the servant-girl had done their job far too well —but that is another tale.

An un-remarkable Fae noble sent his servant girl to go fetch some mortal wine and whiskey for a very important meeting he was holding. Unfortunately, that servant ran into a very stubborn and determined salesclerk. It didn't help that the child did not have identification to prove that she was even old enough to purchase liquor.

The clerk was the long-lost descendant of a line of Homo Magi, and also discovered that the servant was being held against her will. Being an upright sort of fellow, he offered her sanctuary in his store.

After a while the noble arrived, and irate at not only not getting the beverages that the servant was sent for but also now missing his servant girl, attempted to burn the offending mortal alive. Magics clashed, bad things happened, and the store went up in a huge explosion. It even made the news briefly before it was lost to the 24-hour news cycle.

Jay Donohue was found horribly burnt in the ruins of the burning drugstore in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago eleven years ago, and was quickly placed into DCFS custody after her recovery. After spending some time in foster care, her regenerative capabilities and obsessive focus on cleaning became apparent, and she was sent to a secondary institution that specialized in such cases.

After several years of work and education, she graduated towards the top of her class with a reputation for being a hard worker and calling other people on their bullshit. Given her focus and dedication, she was gently guided to a college education by well-meaning guidance counselors, and then to a vocational school.

During her time in school, she was told of how *dirty* New York City was, and this became a goal, a challenge to her skills.

So now she's heading to the Big Apple, to clean it one block at a time.

Trashbugs, beware.

Character Details

Jay is a focused hard-working cleaning girl with the long-term and almost
Sisyphean task of attempting to clean up New York. Unlike the other vigilantes who focus
on crime, she focuses on cleaning. Also, don't call her an elf.


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