The Last Victim
Portrayed by Natalie Dormer
Full Name Jeannette
Age 400+
Height 5'5
Build Petite, Curvy
Eyes Violet
Hair White
Factions None
Occupation Owner of hotel/casino and other various businesses
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Claim to Fame

Fairly unknown, except in Certain Circles. Eccentric businesswoman.


Eccentric businesswoman as far as the public knows. Owns several hotels and resorts, and one particularly successful hotel/casino in Las Vegas. Known in criminal underworld as "The Last Victim." Very little actually known about her, but theories and rumours abound. Has very few close friends, but known to go to extreme lengths to protect/help them.


Born to minor nobility in the early 1600s to a French mother and Hungarian father, Jeannette was sent as a young girl to study the ways of the court at Castle Csejte under the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Bathory was, of course, one of history's most cruel and prolific serial killers.

Jeannette was exposed to the cruelty of the Bloody Countess and her handmaidens at an early age, and forced to witness unspeakable acts. Bathory would often tell Jeannette that she was her "favorite" and that she would save her for her last kill.

By the time Bathory was finally caught and her assistants excecuted, the young Jeannette was so traumatized that she could no longer speak. Even so, she convinced her lady's captors to allow her to continue to serve her. Jeannette then snuck a bit of ground glass into every one of Bathory's meals, enough to eventually drive her insane from the constant pain until her eventual death.

Later, she was married off to a nobleman, a man who eventually betrayed her and lead to her excecution via beheading. The excecutioner was not not precise, nor was the axe sufficiently sharp. While she had bribed the man to make her death quick, it was anything but. The pain and humiliation lead her to lose all connection with her humanity and, in her words, "find the banshee."

After living in this cursed state for some time, she married again, hoping that "finding true love" would breath the curse she felt had been put upon her. When her husband found out what she was, he attempted to kill her (also via decapitation). She threw him to his death over a cliff.

She's lived as a criminal or mercenary of one sort or another ever since, and has been imprisoned many times over the years in some the worst prisons all over the world, including Kilmainham Gaol, a Russian gulag and many others.

Currently, she lives a very comfortable life with a sizable fortune she's built over the years, though she /is/ growing quite restless….

Character Details

Jeannette is, for the most part, a Very Bad Person, even a villain in most senses. She uses people, lies, cheats, even kills. She lacks the drive or interest in becomming any sort of "super-villain," however. She has no desire to rule nations and no true hatred towards any individual to drive her to extreme reactions. Mostly, she's a very selfish woman with a desire to keep herself comfortable and entertained.

In odd contrast to this selfish, laissez-faire approach to life, she /does/ make the odd exception. Every so often, she bonds very closely with someone, usually another person with a long lifespan like herself. Those friends and lovers (and former lovers turned friends, or wherever those individuals may fall into her life) can then depend on her to quite possibly literally walk into hell for them as a personal favour if they so much as ask for it. Just don't ask her to /explain/ it.


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