Jherika Majeska
Portrayed by Autumn Reeser
Full Name Jherika Majeska
Age 21
Height 5'2"
Build Gymnastic, compact
Eyes Hazel
Hair Caramel brown
Factions Frost International
Occupation Personal Assistant to Emma Frost
Alignment Mutant Civilian

Claim to Fame

Emma Frost's longest lasting personal assistant.


Hard-working, dedicated, spunky, energetic, go-getter, driven, determined.


In progress.

Character Details

There's very little that will get Jherika down. She is a perpetually positive-attitude in a cute little package that sports expensive, tasteful clothes and chic hairstyle. She seems to have no shortage of energy and she has never made the same mistake twice. She's incredibly dedicated to her employer, eternally loyal to Frost International, and might even be a little bit in love with Emma. She takes care of practically everything for Emma, keeping track of unholy amounts of minutiae, schedules, lists, people, meetings, etc. Without Jherika, Emma's life would be far less convenient. As such, she lives in one of the many rooms in Emma's living space, and acts as her go-to in almost every situation.


Image Name Relation Notes
WE58XGk.png Emma Frost Boss Emma is Jherika's boss and the center of her world, basically. She sort of has to be, in order for Jherika to do her job. It doesn't hurt that Jherika is sort of in love with Emma.
Gwyneth_Paltrow_Iron_Man_Wallpaper_cropped.jpg Pepper Potts Acquaintance Jherika only knows Pepper from the interactions they've had while their respective bosses were having meetings. That said, Pepper took Jherika out for some Czech breakfast food, and was a kind ear and supportive shoulder, and Jherika likes her a lot!
tony_stark.jpg Mr. Stark Acquaintance Mr. Stark causes Jherika no end of worry and concern! He is very handsome and easy-going, but doesn't like to follow the rules, which makes her job very difficult, if not impossible!
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WH Pharmaceuticals Must Die

March 2, 2014: Emma Frost has business with Tony Stark. Tony pushes his luck and, now, Emma's angry.
(log: 20140302-wh-pharmaceuticals-must-die | tags: emma_frost iron_man jherika pepper_potts stark-industries tony's-office | posted: 02 Mar 2014 16:10)

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