Portrayed by Billie Piper
Full Name Janice Yanizeski
Age 25
Height 5' 8''
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Fighter
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Adrenaline addict, and prone to bouts of ego


Amongst the superheroic community Joystick has a reputation as playing both sides of the legal fence for both do-gooders and law-breakers. She's an individual who is driven by her addiction to adrenaline as well as her whims.


Born to an unstable family, her father a gambling, she was once a student at the University of Arizona, living what she considered to be a boring life. After her sophomore year, something changed her. In her "new life," she became determined to live life on the edge, and began taking extreme risks. She disappeared for three years, reappearing as Joystick.

Joystick was a participant in the so-called "Great Game," a competition in which various wealthy individuals placed bets on the outcomes of battles
between superhumanly powerful individuals. Like many players in the game, Joystick was sponsored by a corporate head, in her case, Chu Chi Huan of Chi-Huan Associates. Chi-Huan financed Joystick's equipment and travel expenses in return for a portion of her winnings. The players in the game fought other sponsored players as well as designated superhuman beings, many of whom were unaware of the game's existence, with the end goal of winning the "ultimate prize" promised by the game's supposed architect, James Johnsmeyer.

During the game, she fought a variety of super-humans.

Character Details

Adrenaline junkie with no loyalties.


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