Portrayed by CGI
Full Name K'nert
Age Immortal
Height 1'
Build Stocky
Eyes Yellow
Hair None
Factions Demons of Limbo
Occupation Babysitter
Alignment NPC

Claim to Fame

A demon with ambition that far outstrips its size.


K'nert is a member of the faction of demons that practically worships the Darkchilde, believing that one day she will free the Elder Gods and usher in Hell on Earth. And Party Time for demons.


K'nert's age is unknown, but he's been around as long as Illyana can remember. Luckily, it seems to have faith that eventually she'll give up this silly dalliance with the Light side and finally embrace her true nature.

Character Details

K'nert is often called 'catlike'. Because its mannerisms are very much reminiscent of such. It can be bossy and cruel and is more than happy to find a loophole in its commands to indulge its darker nature.


Image Name Relation Information
Magik004.jpg Darkchilde Mistress Some day she will reach her grand and glorious destiny!
Jeri%20small%202.jpg Human Assignment When she comes to her senses, I hope she lets me eat your liver.


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Character Gallery


Hellboy in Limbo
September 6, 2014: Hellboy follows Jericho into Limbo and meets the locals.
(log: 20140909-hellboy-in-limbo | tags: aspect hellboy k'nert | posted: 10 Sep 2014 19:05)

Keeping Company
September 07 2014: In the dead of night Jericho and Illyana keep one another company and chat about matters of importance.
(log: 20140907-keeping-company | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 09 Sep 2014 07:03)

Paranoid Criminal Friends
September 06 2014: Paul requests a meeting with Sara and a certain paranoid hacker.
(log: 20140906-paranoid-criminal-friends | tags: aspect k'nert paul_manning witchblade | posted: 09 Sep 2014 08:29)

Give me all the bacon and eggs you have
September 6, 2014: After yet another nasty monster run-in, Hellboy stops in at a diner and gets sucked into another assassination attempt on Jericho.
(log: 20140906-give-me-all-the-bacon-and-eggs-you-have | tags: aspect hellboy k'nert nyc | posted: 07 Sep 2014 07:06)

Meetings Scheduled and Unscheduled
September 3 2014: Jericho and Illyana meet friends of hers and friends of his.
(log: 20140903-meetings-scheduled-and-unscheduled | tags: aspect kitty_pryde k'nert lockheed magik moe the_cavalry wolverine | posted: 04 Sep 2014 11:35)

Calm Before the Storm
September 02 2014: Storms are brewing at home and abroad, but there's still some time for Jericho and Illyana to catch up with one another.
(log: 20140902-calm-before-the-storm | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 04 Sep 2014 11:03)

Life Hacks
September 01 2014: Jericho meets Kitty Pryde and Logan whilst working on intel gleaned from the recent foray overseas.
(log: 20140901-life-hacks | tags: aspect kitty_pryde k'nert lockheed wolverine x-men | posted: 02 Sep 2014 12:45)

Flight Pattern
August 30, 2014: Agent May, Jericho Trent and Steve Rogers prepare for take-off.
(log: 20140830-flight-pattern | tags: aspect captain_america k'nert shield the_cavalry | posted: 30 Aug 2014 11:12)

Outsiders: Protecting What's Left
August 27 2014: In the midst of the virus hunt, Jericho accidentally opens a line with Starfire's comm network and winds up in a very interesting conversation.
(log: 20140827-outsiders:protecting-what-s-left | tags: arsenal aspect deadzone diarmuid k'nert outsiders skaar starfire | posted: 28 Aug 2014 10:52)

Family and Friends
August 23 2014: Nancy comes by Jericho's place to catch up. Illyana drops in not long after.
(log: 20140823-family-and-friends | tags: aspect deadzone k'nert magik | posted: 25 Aug 2014 23:04)

Mutual Support
August 21 2014: Jericho and Illyana take time to confer about upcoming events.
(log: 20140821-mutual-support | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 22 Aug 2014 12:03)

August 21 2014: A house lands in Flushing Meadows Park. This, naturally, garners some interest
(log: 20140821-housefall | tags: aspect hellboy k'nert rain | posted: 22 Aug 2014 09:59)

On the Side of Angels
August 20 2014: The Angelus does not like 'balance'… it's not gonna like quite a few things when this is done.
(log: 20140820-on-the-side-of-angels | tags: aspect captain_america corvinus k'nert witchblade | posted: 21 Aug 2014 09:30)

Tal Temer
August 18 2014: Jericho Trent, Storm and Gambit investigate the scene of an atrocity in Syria
(log: 20140818-tal-temer | tags: aspect gambit k'nert storm | posted: 20 Aug 2014 08:36)

S'ymple Hospitality
August 16 2014: A landscaping incursion into Limbo occasions a talk with one of the more powerful denizens
(log: 20140816-s-ymple-hospitality | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 18 Aug 2014 03:48)

Home is Where the Wards Are
August 15 2014: Illyana takes Jericho up on his offer of a place to call home.
(log: 20140815-home-is-where-the-wards-are | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 16 Aug 2014 23:12)

Historical Revisionism
August 14, 2014: The Eraser's henchmen hit the American Museum of Natural History, but run into opposition from Falcon and Jericho Trent.
(log: 20140814-historical-revisionism | tags: aspect eraser falcon k'nert nyc | posted: 15 Aug 2014 06:15)

Where you stick your demons is your business
August 13, 2014: Roberto, Doug, and Illyana discuss the Red Team's living arrangements and Jericho drops in for some troubleshooting.
(log: 20140813-where-you-stick-your-demons-is-your-business | tags: aspect cypher k'nert magik nyc sunspot x-men | posted: 14 Aug 2014 05:34)

Rock Rituals
August 12 2014: Jericho is relaxing. Illyana drops by to have a chat.
(log: 20140812-rock-rituals | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 14 Aug 2014 22:06)

Opinions and Advice
August 9 2014: Jericho is gardening in Limbo again. He gets a visitor he definitely didn't expect.
(log: 20140809-opinions-and-advice | tags: aspect k'nert witchblade | posted: 11 Aug 2014 04:47)

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