Portrayed by CGI
Full Name K'nert
Age Immortal
Height 1'
Build Stocky
Eyes Yellow
Hair None
Factions Demons of Limbo
Occupation Babysitter
Alignment NPC

Claim to Fame

A demon with ambition that far outstrips its size.


K'nert is a member of the faction of demons that practically worships the Darkchilde, believing that one day she will free the Elder Gods and usher in Hell on Earth. And Party Time for demons.


K'nert's age is unknown, but he's been around as long as Illyana can remember. Luckily, it seems to have faith that eventually she'll give up this silly dalliance with the Light side and finally embrace her true nature.

Character Details

K'nert is often called 'catlike'. Because its mannerisms are very much reminiscent of such. It can be bossy and cruel and is more than happy to find a loophole in its commands to indulge its darker nature.


Image Name Relation Information
Magik004.jpg Darkchilde Mistress Some day she will reach her grand and glorious destiny!
Jeri%20small%202.jpg Human Assignment When she comes to her senses, I hope she lets me eat your liver.


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Character Gallery


American Dream
August 07 2014: Jericho awakens from a nightmare and finds that he's not alone.
(log: 20140807-american-dream | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 08 Aug 2014 22:11)

Messenger Service
August 06 2014: Paul and Jericho meet at a coffee bar to discuss relaying messages to Illyana
(log: 20140806-messenger-service | tags: aspect k'nert paul_manning | posted: 07 Aug 2014 11:58)

Safe as Houses
August 05 2014: Nancy comes to Jericho's place after her encounter with Hank and Kurt. Illyana follows shortly thereafter.
(log: 20140805-safe-as-houses | tags: aspect bamfs deadzone k'nert magik x-men | posted: 06 Aug 2014 13:04)

Catching Up
August 04 2014: Jericho visits Nancy at the farm to catch up after the Raid
(log: 20140804-catching-up | tags: aspect deadzone k'nert | posted: 05 Aug 2014 08:51)

An Accidental Meeting
July 03 2014: Jericho Runs into May and a trainee near his place. An accidental meeting, but a fortunate one. Mostly.
(log: 20140803-an-accidental-meeting | tags: aspect darce k'nert shield the_cavalry | posted: 05 Aug 2014 07:57)

Flying Lessons
August 2nd, 2014: Falcon takes Sara out for her first instructional flight. Along the way, they run into Jericho, who has yet more injuries for Sam to treat. At least he's keeping his medical skills sharp.
(log: 20140802-flying-lessons | tags: aspect falcon k'nert nyc witchblade | posted: 03 Aug 2014 06:16)

The Raid: Fallout
August 01 2014: An Aspect Cutscene: Jericho interrogates the Ubermensch Project doctors and his own pursuers take in news of his latest activities.
(log: 20140801-the-raid:fallout | tags: aspect cutscene k'nert | posted: 02 Aug 2014 10:27)

Interrogation Aftermath
August 01 2014: Partisan catches up with Jericho toward the end of his interrogation.
(log: 20140801-interrogation-aftermath | tags: aspect k'nert partisan | posted: 04 Aug 2014 01:40)

Angels and Demons
July 29 2014: Jericho stops by the Avenue C clinic to check in with Angelo. Illyana stops in shortly thereafter.
(log: 20140729-angels-and-demons | tags: aspect k'nert magik seraph x-men | posted: 30 Jul 2014 11:19)

The Aspect Protocol
July 28 2014: May picks up Jericho and Sam and both get some answers from him. Even if they only lead to more questions. Continuation of The Aspect Question
(log: 20140728-the-aspect-protocol | tags: aspect falcon k'nert shield the_cavalry | posted: 30 Jul 2014 09:35)

Identity Crisis
July 28, 2014: Nightcrawler goes to visit his favourite Queen of Limbo to ask if she had any information as to why the bamfs are getting so upset. Jericho later arrives to see his place pretty much trashed.
(log: 20140728-identity-crisis | tags: aspect bamfs k'nert magik nightcrawler | posted: 29 Jul 2014 15:55)

Chilling News
July 27 2014: Jericho has some news to share with May about the Hydra anti mutant virus. May… brings a few friends.
(log: 20140727-chilling-news | tags: aspect captain_america hawkeye k'nert paul_manning shield the_cavalry witchblade | posted: 28 Jul 2014 09:39)

Tending Limbo
July 25 2014: Accompanied by K'nert, Jericho makes a foray into Limbo to do some gardening. Illyana comes by to see how things are going.
(log: 20140725-tending-limbo | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 29 Jul 2014 10:31)

The Short Inexpensive Dinner of the Soul
July 22 2014: Nancy, as promised, swings by to talk to Jericho about Illyana. The conversation very quickly takes a turn she would not approve of.
(log: 20140722-the-short-inexpensive-dinner-of-the-soul | tags: aspect deadzone k'nert | posted: 24 Jul 2014 05:42)

The Visitation
July 17 2014: Jericho is unwinding (for once) when he realizes that he's got some very, very unusual guests.
(log: 20140717-the-visitation | tags: aspect k'nert magik | posted: 19 Jul 2014 09:51)

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